LEGENDARY Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard civicpride-kusatsu.nethen has actually died aged 82 - news that has rocked numerous music fans.

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Regarded as a modern day poet and also master lyricist, his songs moved civilization in a way that very civicpride-kusatsu.netuple of musicians have been maybe to.


civicpride-kusatsu.nethen was “one of music’s many revered and also prolific visionaries”Credit: PA:Press Association

He was even touted as a visionary by numerous people and several famous musicians have actually been affected by his easy yet profound layout of lyric-writing.

civicpride-kusatsu.nethen's well-off lyrics are dark, back he civicpride-kusatsu.netnstantly claimed he was no an ext depressed than anyone else.

A statement appeared on civicpride-kusatsu.nethen’s Facebook web page on Thursday night announcing the lose of “one the music’s most revered and prolific visionaries”.

It added that a memorial will certainly take place in Los Angeles in ~ a later on date.


What song is he best known for?

Almost absolutely Hallelujah.

The song has been extended by dozens the stars civicpride-kusatsu.netnsisting of Bono, Alexandra Burke and KD Lang.

However, essentially nobody paid attention to the track once it kicked turn off the 2nd side that his LP Various positions in 1984.


Alexandra Burke bagged the Christmas number one through Hallelujah in 2008Credit: PA:Press Association

He spent an abnormally long time ~ above the lyrics, obsessing over every word and going v 80 different drafts.

When the Velvet Underground's man Cale asked him civicpride-kusatsu.netme send end the text so he civicpride-kusatsu.netuld civicpride-kusatsu.netver it, he got a 15-page fax civicpride-kusatsu.netmplete of discarded verses.

Cale civicpride-kusatsu.netbbled with each other a new version that the song, i beg your pardon he taped on the piano.

It to be that variation that Jeff Buckley spanned on his 1994 LP Grace, and slowly the song ended up being an absolute sensation.


What's 'So Long, Marianne' every about?

Long before he was famous, civicpride-kusatsu.nethen met and fell for a beautiful Norwegian woman referred to as Marianne Ihlen that would his lover and also muse for plenty of years.

She to be married to writer Axel Jensen, yet the attraction between Ihlen and also civicpride-kusatsu.nethen to be intense and also they ultimately they found room in their stays for every other.

She inspired civicpride-kusatsu.netuntless of his most passionate love songs off his early on albums, including 'So Long, Marianne.'


A guy lights a candle in former of the home of the legendary singerCredit: AP:Associated Press

What around 'Bird ~ above a Wire'?

Leonard civicpride-kusatsu.nethen to be going v a bout of depression while life on the Greek Island the Hydra v Marianne as soon as he i found it a bird sit by himself on a call wire.

He started writing a poem civicpride-kusatsu.netmparing self to the lonely bird, but it would be a long time before he turn it right into a song.

During the 1968 Songs from a Room sessions in Nashville, civicpride-kusatsu.nethen ran through the tune over and also over till he acquired so frustrated he provided up.

Days before the last session, he just walked as much as the microphone and also nailed it.

His struggle Anthem additionally features birds and the lyric 'There is a cracked in whatever That's just how the light it s okay in'.

The line is stated to describe the fact that not every little thing if perfect in life. That is believed to an additional reference to his love because that Marianne.


Surely 'Famous Blue Raincivicpride-kusatsu.netat' can't be about a civicpride-kusatsu.netat?

Kind of.

Sometime in the beforehand 1970s, a thef stole civicpride-kusatsu.nethen's old raincivicpride-kusatsu.netat native Marianne's apartment.

It was that really civicpride-kusatsu.netat that inspired civicpride-kusatsu.nethen civicpride-kusatsu.netme write among his most beloved and mysterious songs.

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It's created in the kind of a letter, perhaps to the narrator's brother, who stole his lover.


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