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"A issue of Trust" is a song by Billy Joel, exit in 1986 together the second single indigenous his album The Bridge. The track was the second top 10 solitary from the album, after ~ the previous solitary "Modern Woman". The song gained significant traction in the Soviet Union as part of a state-sponsored television promo of Joel"s song in preparation for his 1987 USSR concerts, taped on Kontsert.

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One, 2 One, two, three, fourSome love is just a lied of the heartThe cold stays of what started with a passionate startAnd they might not want it come endBut it will certainly it"s simply a inquiry of whenI"ve lived long sufficient to have actually learnedThe closer you gain to the fire the much more you gain burnedBut that won"t occur to us"Cause it"s always been a matter of trustNow I recognize you"re an emotionally girlIt took a lot because that you come not lose your belief in this worldBut ns can"t sell you proofBut you"re walking to face a minute of truthIt"s hard when you"re constantly afraidYou simply recover when another belief is betrayedSo break my love if girlfriend mustIt"s a matter of trustYou can"t walk the distanceWith too much resistanceI know you have doubtsBut because that God"s services don"t close up door me outThis time you"ve gained nothing to loseYou have the right to take it, you deserve to leave it, every little thing you chooseI won"t hold earlier anythingAnd I"ll walk far a silly or a kingSome love is just a lie of the mindIt"s make think until it"s just a issue of timeAnd some could have learned come adjustBut climate it never was a issue of trustI"m certain you"re mindful loveWe"ve both had actually our re-publishing of Believing too longWhen the whole case was wrongSome love is just a lie of the soulA consistent battle for the can be fried state that controlAfter you"ve heard lie top top lieThere deserve to hardly it is in a question of whySome love is just a lie of the heartThe cold remains of what started with a passionate startBut that can"t occur to us"Cause it"s constantly been a matter of trustIt"s a matter of trustIt"s always been a issue of trustIt"s a matter of trust"Cause it"s always been a issue of trust

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Billy Joel william Martin "Billy" Joel (born might 9, 1949) is one American pianist, singer-songwriter, and also composer. Because releasing his very first hit song, "Piano Man," in 1973, Joel has come to be the sixth best-selling record artist and the 3rd best-selling solo artist in the unified States, follow to the RIAA. He likewise has the third best-selling album in the United states with his biggest Hits Vol.

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