Airsofting is a great expensive hobby, so when you’re done playing you need to know where to market airsoft guns (and attachments and gear and…). As with buying your very first airsoft gun, selling airsoft weapons can be a little tricky if you’ve never ever done it before, since you can absolutely acquire cheated (boo) and also leave money on the table.

Here’s that fast list the the best places to offer airsoft guns:

Airsoft fields and facilitiesClassified adsLocal legislation enforcementGun storesAirsoft pistol storesTo a friendGarage salesAirsoft forums and message boardseBayCraigslistFacebookHopUp AppAirsoft Smugglers

But WAIT! This write-up not only covers the finest place to sell airsoft guns, but additionally the finest way to market airsoft guns…so keep reading, quitter.