The Browning Superposed was last firearm to it is in designed by man Browning and one that the an initial over-under shotgun design to be commercially produced. Man Browning had actually envisioned it together the critical gun the federal government would half from exclusive ownership and also was design to it is in the an initial over under shotgun the was affordable come the general population.

Superposed Specs:

Weight: 6 pounds ish

Barrel length:

20", 26", 28"



action Type:

Boxlock Shotgun


12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and also .410 bore


Previous firearms of a comparable design had been priced the end of the typical man"s reach. After ~ his fatality in November 1926, the architecture work was completed by his kid Val A. Browning. Most importantly, the single selective cause mechanism that he want for the Superposed had actually been perfect by Val. Initially, and also until 1939 the Browning Superposed fired via a double trigger collection up. Val Browning"s SST remains among the really best and also most reputable such triggers ever before designed. The original production qualities were available in the following: Grade i (Lightning/Standard), Pigeon, Diana and Midas. In 1975 the Superposed was dropped native the regular Browning catalog but is still accessible through Browning International"s practice Shop. It must be provided that all Superposed weapons are hand engraved and the sculpture on the high great models can be very detailed, and also the choose French Walnut share are also of really high quality.

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Superposed Variations: Browning Superposed guns have been available in every gauges native 12 come .410 guage, and also in multi-barrel skeet sets. Commonly barrel lengths room 26", 28", 30" and also 32", and choke borings variety from Cylinder come Full. Browning Superposed owner Manual: Owners manual is available from Browning (.PDF): Superposed B-25 and B-125, continent Superposed Shotguns and also Express Rifles owner Manual

Date Historic Information Serial Number Info
1931-39 production of the Superposed 12 ga. Started in 1931. 1-17,000 exact production figures are not available. Year of to produce on Pre-World battle II manufacturing is strict a guess at best.
1939-1947 manufacturing ceased during human being War II
1948 17100-17200
1949 manufacturing of the 20 ga. Began. Very first series of numbers space for the 12 ga. Second series the numbers are for the 20 ga. These serial numbers for annually from 1949-63 are ideal guess. 12 ga.: 17201-20000 20 ga.: 100-1700
1950 12 ga.: 20001-21000 20 ga.: 1701-2800
1951 12 ga.: 21001-27000 20 ga.: 2801-2100
1952 12 ga.: 27001-33000 20 ga.: 3201-5300
1953 12 ga.: 33001-37000 20 ga.: 5301-6700
1954 12 ga.: 37001-43000 20 ga.: 6701-8400
1955 12 ga.: 43001-48000 20 ga.: 8401-9400
1956 12 ga.: 48001-54000 20 ga.: 9401-10500
1957 12 ga.: 54001-59000 20 ga.: 10501-11500
1958 12 ga.: 59001-68500 20 ga.: 11501-14180
1959 12 ga.: 68501-76500 20 ga.: 14181-17060
1960 12 ga.: 76501-86500 20 ga.: 17061-20640
1961 12 ga.: 86501-96500 20 ga.: 20641-23820
1962 12 ga.: 96501-99999 20 ga.: 23821-27300
1963-68 indigenous 1962 serial numbers were complied with by the date of manufacture. 2S=12 gauge for the year 1962. 2V=20 gauge for the year 1962. 2F=28 gauge because that the year 1962. 2J=.410 bore for the year 1962. Example: 6556S2 = A 1962 Superposed 12 ga. Shotgun v serial number 6556. S=12 gauge V=20 gauge F=28 gauge J=.410 bore
1969-75 1969 began using two digits for the day of manufacture: S=12 gauge V=20 gauge F=28 gauge J=.410 boring This was then came before by the serial number beginning with 1000. Example: 1000S69 = A 1969 Superposed 12 ga.. Shotgun v a serial variety of 1000. S=12 gauge V=20 gauge F=28 gauge J=.410 bore
1976-1986 In 1975 Browning standardization its serial number identification which it adhered to until 1998.
1. Superposed Type
213=12 gauge 233=20 gauge 173=28 gauge 183=.410 bore
2. Date of produce is a two digit code Z=1 Y=2 X=3 W=4 V=5 T=6 R=7 P=8 N=9 M=0
3. Serial Number beginning with 01001at the begin of each year.

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Serial Number Example:


This would certainly be an Superposed 12 ga., manufactured in 1976 with the serial number 01001.