The Hygrade Baseball"s All-Time Greats baseball card collection was exit in 1987. The set consisted that 119 baseball cards and each map from the 1987 Hygrade Baseball"s All-Time Greats baseball card set is detailed below. Note: Baseball cards i beg your pardon featured a player that did not show up in a constant season game during the many recently completed season, do not attach to their significant league statistics.

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"Collectors regularly decried just how money had destroyed their hobby, making it difficult for castle to kind meaningful friendships v their cards. Money, however, made the hobby not only profitable but also more serious, more instrumental, and also therefore an ext manly. The very same collectors who complained about greed often bragged in the very same interview around the worth of their cards. However money, in turn, do the hobby much less akin to child's beat and an ext like work: lonely, competitive, unfulfilling, and also alienating." - writer John Bloom in A home of Cards (1997)

1987 Hygrade Baseball"s All-Time Greats


1987 Hygrade Baseball"s All-Time Greats (#31 Mickey Mantle)

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#Card DescriptionNotesPic
n/aHank AaronHenry Aaron top top Card
n/aJoe Adcock
n/aGrover AlexanderGrover C. Cleveland Card
n/aDick AllenRichie Allen top top Card
n/aLuis Aparicio
n/aLuke Appling
n/aRichie Ashburn
n/aErnie Banks
n/aHank Bauer
n/aJohnny Bench
n/aYogi Berra
n/aLou Boudreau
n/aLou Brock
n/aMordecai BrownThree Finger Brown ~ above Card
n/aJim Bunning
n/aRoy Campanella
n/aRod Carew
n/aOrlando Cepeda
n/aRoberto Clemente
n/aTy Cobb
n/aMickey Cochrane
n/aRocky Colavito
n/aEddie Collins
n/aSam Crawford
n/aJoe Cronin
n/aAlvin Dark
n/aDizzy Dean
n/aBill Dickey
n/aJoe DiMaggio
n/aLarry Doby
n/aDon Drysdale
n/aLeo Durocher
n/aCarl Erskine
n/aBob Feller
n/aCurt Flood
n/aWhitey Ford
n/aJimmie Foxx
n/aFrankie Frisch
n/aCarl Furillo
n/aLou Gehrig
n/aCharlie Gehringer
n/aBob Gibson
n/aHank Greenberg
n/aLefty Grove
n/aGabby Hartnett
n/aGil Hodges
n/aRogers Hornsby
n/aCarl Hubbell
n/aCatfish HunterJim Hunter on Card
n/aMonte Irvin
n/aFergie JenkinsFerguson Jenkins on Card
n/aWalter Johnson
n/aJim Kaat
n/aAl Kaline
n/aGeorge Kell
n/aRalph Kiner
n/aTed Kluszewski
n/aDon Larsen
n/aBob Lemon
n/aErnie Lombardi
n/aEd LopatEddie Lopat on Card
n/aMickey Mantle
n/aJuan Marichal
n/aRoger Maris
n/aBilly Martin
n/aChristy Mathewson
n/aEddie Mathews
n/aWillie Mays
n/aBill Mazeroski
n/aJoe Morgan
n/aThurman Munson
n/aStan Musial
n/aTony Oliva
n/aMel Ott
n/aJim Palmer
n/aGaylord Perry
n/aBoog Powell
n/aPee Wee Reese
n/aRobin Roberts
n/aBrooks Robinson
n/aFrank Robinson
n/aJackie Robinson
n/aBabe Ruth
n/aTom Seaver
n/aBobby Shantz
n/aAl Simmons
n/aGeorge Sisler
n/aEnos Slaughter
n/aDuke Snider
n/aWarren Spahn
n/aTris Speaker
n/aWillie Stargell
n/aBill Terry
n/aBobby Thomson
n/aPie Traynor
n/aHonus Wagner
n/aEd Walsh
n/aPaul Waner
n/aHoyt Wilhelm
n/aBilly Williams
n/aTed Williams
n/aMaury Wills
n/aEarly Wynn
n/aCarl Yastrzemski
n/aCy Young
n/aRoss Youngs
#Card DescriptionNotesPic

1987 Hygrade Baseball"s All-Time Greats| bold = HOF | research by Baseball Almanac



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