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Parents require to recognize that back Barbie"s dress dimensions are a little unrealistic, her movies and songs always send a confident message for young girls. This soundtrack attributes themes of friendship, following your dreams, and believing in yourself.

Another Barbie standard with cute animal partners and positive female function models. There room some stressful scenes and also implied homosexuality. The two main chara... Continue reading

BARBIE and also THE DIAMOND castle SOUNDTRACK is a repertoire of upbeat popular music songs from the 12th Barbie DVD and very first Barbie movie about a tale of ideal friends. The soundtrack attributes the track "Connected" (originally native Aquamarine) carry out by American Idol diva Katharine McPhee. It has songs indigenous the new DVD, and also old favorites such together "I need to Know" and also "Shine" native previous Barbie movies.

Diamond lock is yet one more release in the successful, renowned Barbie franchise, and the very first time Barbie comes through a hip, update sound, while quiet enchanting girls with its timeless charm. Small girls everywhere proceed to be happy by Barbie and also her friends in Barbie and also The Diamond Castle. The soundtrack is filled v true Barbie story of friendship and also shooting because that the stars, paired with updated, pop-infused music. McPhee sparkles on she rendition of "Connected," and "Believe" is a gem that inspires any kind of age.

Families can talk about the enduring popular of Barbie. What perform you think renders the brand so successful after so numerous years? execute you think the picture of Barbie is a positive one? Why, or why not?

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