P0139 is a typical OBDII code that occurs in plenty of vehicles, consisting of the Honda Accord. The password is triggered once there is an worry with the an answer time from the oxygen (O2) sensor as soon as switching voltage levels.

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The Oxygen sensors space responsible because that helping the ECM meter oxygen levels in the exhaust, and also helping come to develop the right air/fuel mixture.

When they take too lengthy to respond, the ECM deserve to no much longer depend top top that details to manage the mixture.

There are additionally some less likely troubles that can cause P0139. We’ll go over those below.

Bank 1 = side of the engine with cylinder 1 in the firing order

Sensor 2 = Aft of the Catalytic Converter


Honda Accord P0139 Symptoms

Typically, the just symptom that P0139 is walk to it is in the company engine quickly light. In part cases, there have the right to be other symptoms as well. These symptoms include:

boosted emissions Smelly exhaust company light top top Pinging

Often, the car with P0139 will not pass emissions because of the higher levels that pollutants in the exhaust. The assumes that the sensor is work properly and isn’t the reason why the code was thrown.

A poor air fuel mixture going with the catalytic converter can reason damage come it eventually.

Here’s a helpful video from YouTube:

Honda AccordP0139 Causes

Here room the most common issues that reason the P0139 password in the Honda Accord. They room presented in stimulate (somewhat) of many to least likely to reason the problem.


Damage to the Terminal– The terminal that the oxygen sensor connects to (the plug) is also fairly susceptible come damage. You’ll want to make certain that over there is voltage going come it. There’s an ext on that straight below. Wrong O2 Sensor– If you are acquiring P0139 after having actually recently changed your Oxygen sensor, it may be the the replacement is dorn or bad.

Accord P0139 Diagnosis

It is possible to diagnose the P0139 with a multimeter. If you usage the multimeter, you’ll recognize whether or not the voltage comes to and from the oxygen sensor is within spec, this can assist you identify if it’s your Accord’s O2 sensor, or wiring harness that’s the issue.

If you don’t have access to a multimeter, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check the wiring to between the fuse box and also the Oxygen sensor first. If it ends up being a wiring issue, it’ll conserve you money over buying an unnecessary O2 sensor.

You can also use a voltage test light to determine whether or not the oxygen sensor is getting any kind of voltage at every (they’re around $5 in ~ Walmart).

If it’s not getting any kind of voltage, connect the check light come the harness plug and shake the wiring a tiny bit. If the light comes on, also for a second, you recognize that you have actually a short circuit leading to the P0139 problem code.

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Good happy finding whatever caused P0139 in her Honda Accord. If you have anything the you would favor to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.