Swedish metallers AVATAR have debuted yet another visually stunning music video, for your track "The Eagle has Landed". Directed by longtime collaborator Johan Carlén, this is the an initial official music video we"ve watched from the tape from your upcoming album, "Feathers & Flesh", which will be exit on Friday, might 13 via Another Century in Europe and Entertainment One (eOne) in north America and also Canada.

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AVATAR vocalist Johannes Eckerström explains: "During the past couple of months, I"ve ended up saying "this is our most ambitious job-related to date" rather a bit, however this one takes the cake. When still maintaining it in the family, we"ve developed yet a new universe for everyone to get immersed in. A fable is a an allegory to discover the human being condition and also we"ve taken that one step further, zooming in on one song and also what it has to say in and out that itself past the frames that the ide of "Feathers & Flesh".

"This is the story of 5 conmen traveling roughly the land, offering their line oil come the easily persuaded human being of the soil. Often when we desire karma come bite someone"s ass the most, they constantly seem to get away. The was fun to play the negative guy because that once. I think the visuals and our therapy of the standard one take-concept speaks because that itself. This is one of those you"ll want to watch over and also over again. I know I"m currently doing simply that."

"Feathers & Flesh" was videotaped in Germany, Finland and also Sweden in December 2015 with producer extraordinaire Sylvia Massy (SYSTEM the A DOWN, TOOL, RED warm CHILI PEPPERS).

"Feathers & Flesh" monitor listing:

01. Regret02. Residence Of Eternal Hunt03. The Eagle has actually Landed04. Brand-new Land05. Tooth, beak & Claw06. Because that The Swarm07. Fiddler"s Farewell08. One much more Hill09. Black color Waters10. Night never ever Ending11. Pray The sun Away12. As soon as The snow Lies Red13. Crow Wine14. Sky Burial


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