I gain watching NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), the CBS crime drama that airs Tuesday evenings. I evaluate the multi-culturalism top top the show. Frequently I revolve to mine husband because that a Spanish translate in of a line below or there. Ns was excited when Cote de Pablo join the cast in season three. She theatre the Israeli previous Mossad (Israel’s national intelligence agency) officer, Ziva David. Because that me, the is even much more fun as soon as they litter a small Hebrew into a show. I appreciate that castle seem to “get that right” in both phrasing and also accent.

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Last mainly the episode “Shabbat Shalom” aired. Of course i was intrigued as soon as I observed the title in my DVR. Ns assumed it had something to do with Ziva, why rather the Hebrew title? together I watched the episode I learned that Ziva’s father, the head that Mossad, came to the U.S. To see her and to broker a peace agreement with his Iranian counterpart.

Little go I know that the episode was a cliffhanger. But this week on Tuesday night ns was taking the red-eye come Boston to meet my InterfaithFamily coworkers in-person because that the very first time; i wasn’t able to watch the episode. As I to be gathering mine suitcase and heavy jacket, expecting it come be cooler in Boston than it was in San Francisco, my best friend dubbed me. She was additionally travelling for occupational this week and watched NCIS from her Maryland hotel room.

“What walk Tony say to Ziva in ~ the finish of the episode?” she asked. Ns didn’t know, it wasn’t also going to air in California for one more three hours. I was top to the airport and wouldn’t be able to watch till Friday. She couldn’t wait until Friday for the answer; so, as any great friend would certainly do, ns googled it. “What go Tony say come Ziva at the end of NCIS?” due to the fact that the episode had actually just ended, there wasn’t much about it virtual yet. Apparently there was part buzz a couple of years earlier when Tony said something come Ziva in Spanish. However that wasn’t what ns was spring for.

I added “2013” and also “Shiva” (the title of this episode) to mine search. IMDB wasn’t up-to-date yet so I had to count on Yahoo answers where I uncovered the question: “At the finish of the newest NCIS episode tonight, what walk Tony say to Ziva prior to she left? i think it remained in Hebrew, but I didn’t capture it.”

Great! someone must have posted the answer… the very first two entries: “I love you” and “Ani ohev otach, ns love you.” As much as ns (and apparently others) desire Tony and Ziva to acquire together, the didn’t seem best to me. I hadn’t seen the episode yet I knew what occurred last week and I to be pretty confident it wasn’t time for Tony’s declaration of love because that Ziva.

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I kept analysis the yahoo answers. “You room not alone.” Ok, that made an ext sense. The fifth write-up read: “he stated ‘aht lo leh vahd‘ a translation point on the internet said it method ‘you are not alone."” ns love that we can use the web to translate Hebrew on mainstream TV in the U.S., and also post the answer for others! I dubbed my friend earlier and reported the two options. Having seen the illustration she also ruled out “I love you.”

So this morning, finally earlier at residence I watched the episode waiting (and waiting) for Tony’s line. He does to speak “aht lo leh vahd” i m sorry does typical “you space not alone.” What does it mean for the relationship in between Tony and also Ziva? every we deserve to do is continue watching NCIS and also see; i look forward to them being the following intermarried pair on TV.