Community has been turn off the air because that a few years now, however the display is tho in the former of the minds of that hardcore pan base. Among the countless reasons that the present is fondly remembered is its design template song, “At the very least It was Here” by The 88. Because that a jingle the is entirely associated with a strangely hilarious and also openly chaotic sitcom, the song inspires debate regarding the definition of its lyrics.

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(L-R) Danny Pudi together Abed, Yvette Nicole Brown together Shirley, Donald Glover as Troy, Alison Brie as Annie, Joel McHale together Jeff Winger, Gillian Jacobs together Britta | Vivian Zink/Getty Images

Some interpretations space deeply morbid, others are much more wholesome and much more connected to the themes that Community itself. No the show’s creator Dan Harmon or the band The 88 have ever before joined in top top the debate, so every we have the right to do is speculate ~ above why it ended up being the template song. 

The lyrics to Community’s theme song are darker than some realize

The production is jaunty and bright, recalling the emotion of that first day of institution for passionate students ready to relocate forward in their lives. Yet the instrumentation and you’ll watch a tune that clues heavily in ~ sadness and melancholy for something that’s past the allude of no return.

It’s even in the name of the song. Naming the track “At least It to be Here” renders it clear that the songwriter is looking back on an experience that happened throughout a different time in their life. The nature of that time is on purpose unclear. Below are the text for the segment the the song offered in Community’sintro:

“Give me part rope tie me to dream,Give me the expect to run out that steam,Somebody claimed it have the right to be here,We could be roped up, bound up, dead in a yearBut i can’t counting the factors I have to stay,One through one castle all simply fade away”

These text are plainly about the end of … something, however the lack of specificity in what that point is provides it possible for listeners to interpret them in countless different ways. And also fans of the show are happy to share your theories online. 

There are various interpretations of what the track means

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Forum pages have been filled through ideas around what “At the very least It was Here” is around ever since Community found that is niche as a cult classic sitcom. People have been sharing your opinions on the tune for years and most that the theory trend toward morbidity. 

“The theme track for Community is about hanging yourself. Yet damn, it’s catchy”, said user Kopcalysm ~ above Reddit. Indeed, the song does recommendation ropes and also the specter of fatality a lot, but there’s additionally a perspective on the tune that is an ext life-affirming 보다 that verse-chorus combo suggests. 

Community, for all of its outlandish jokes and meta-commentary about sitcom tropes, is about a team of people struggling to uncover their location in the world who acquire their strength from gift in their study group. And also the totality the ‘At the very least It to be Here’ speak to the need for defiance in the face of past failure. Lead singer Keith Slettedahl sings ~ above the bridge:

“Iʼm exhausted of the wait-and-sees, Iʼm exhausted of that part of me/That renders up a perfect lie, To store us between/But hrs turn right into days, So clock what you litter away/And be right here to recognize, Thereʼs one more way.”

Greendale is a ar where intense paintball battles take over the school, a monkey named Annie’s Boobs resides in the vents, and also tainted meat turns a Halloween party into a pseudo-zombie outbreak. Yet it’s additionally where the main characters grew up and also learned just how to live v their past mistakes. “At the very least It was Here” ideas at the personal journeys top top the horizon of every episode. 

Will the Community movie ever happen?

It began as a joke and became a slogan for fans hoping to visit Greendale one critical time: six seasons and also a movie. The rallying cry originated from the season two episode “Paradigms of person Memory”, in i beg your pardon Jeff is irritated by Abed’s outsized adoration because that NBC’s short-lived superhero drama The Cape:

As Community to be continually intimidated with cancellation, the joke was imbued with more an interpretation by fans who wanted to rotate the phrase into a prophecy. The six periods did happen, and also the clamor for a movie has not gone away. Harmon, alongside most of the key cast, has actually publicly expressed attention in making it happen. Yet the movie stays an idea in another man’s mind.

Community always struggled for ratings. Convincing executives at film or streaming companies with little knowledge of the display that this is a project worth supporting might be difficult. Scheduling could additionally be an issue, at the very least for one of the key characters.

Since departing top top a boat with LeVar Burton, Donald Glover has end up being one of pop culture’s essential polymaths, win Grammys together Childish Gambino and also Emmys because that his work-related on Atlanta. Detect time for troy Barnes to rejoin the gang could be tricky, presume Glover would be down for that in the an initial place.

Still, the idea that a cinematic send-off exists in the ether, nowhere near production, yet never shot under by anyone through the strength to execute so. Till a definitive relocate is made, civilization can quiet rewatch the initial show and appreciate the an innovative work that we got. At least it to be here.