Auction Date: April 24, 2015

Engraved Armi-Galesi Brescia model 9 Semi-Automatic pocket Pistol with Box

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This attractive pistol has floral role engraving and also is fitted with white plastic grips through silver medallions. The left side of the slide is marked in a banner "Armi-Galesi-Brescia-Brevetto-Cal. 6.35" and also "Made in Italy" ~ above the ideal side. There room Italian proofs ~ above the barrel chamber, ~ above the slide simply ahead of the markings ~ above the appropriate side, and also it is dated "1957" on the right side that the frame in between the grip and also the trigger. The serial number is significant on the front tight strap. A safety latch is equipment on the left next of the framework at the rear. Consists of a manufacturing facility box and cleaning brush.

Rating Definition:

Excellent through 98% plus of the original nickel plated finish with some as whole minor handling/storage marks. The grips are excellent. Package is good with part corner and also edge wear and also some boy scuff marks. Mechanically excellent.

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