I have three types of non-GE breakers on mine GE panel. They space from the vault owner and also possibly countless many year old. Ns think they space Murray and Square D. Are these breakers that must be changed or room they UL-Classified to work on other panels?

The panel is a GE TLM1612C, ns think.





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TLDR: They"re all wrong. Swap through a GE or share breaker (e.g. Eaton CL no BR).

Allowable breakers

You can use numerous breakers inside a panel.

Breaker types which are listed on the panel"s labeling, these will be make by the same manufacturer and the exact same type, and also UL-listed. Breaker types which are contemporary to your panel"s labeling, yet again room still the same manufacturer, and also they state lock will work in her panel, or substitute for breakers which space labeled for usage in your panel. Likewise UL-listed. Breakers which space made by a 3rd party, who sends them to Underwriter"s Laboratories to have them UL-listed because that the challenger panel. UL calls this a "UL-Classified" breaker, and also they run the same collection of exam they operation on factory breakers. If you research study the manufacturer that the breaker and also their classified breaker lines, castle should present a cross-reference chart stating which manufacturing facility breakers their Classified breakers can substitute for.

UL-Classified breakers

Classified is UL"s means of saying these are not OEM breakers and do not have the advantage of the OE"s expertise and trade-secret knowledge, however they carry out pass safety and security testing.

Keep in mind the a manufacturer"s Classified breakers are different breakers than the OEM breakers they make for their own panels. For instance, Siemens QD breakers are classified because that Square D QO panels, and need to not be supplied in any Siemens panel of any type of kind.

Similarly, you will check out that Eaton"s CL line of breakers is no UL-classified for usage in Eaton BR panels -- also though the breakers may look outwardly the same.

This must not be confused with cross-listing. For instance, Challenger panels have breakers known to it is in defective (but panels space fine). World seeking to change those breakers uncover their dashboard labeling requires type C breakers. They space pleased to uncover that Eaton"s BR line is cross-listed as kind BR and kind C.

Your breakers

On her panel, we deserve to strike out the Square D breakers immediately. Square D is absolutely protest to "Classified" breakers. Castle refuse to make classified breakers for competitor panels, and they thing to the usage of divide breakers in your panels (not that they have actually anything to say about it). Therefore the Square D "HOMeline" breakers are out-of-place because Square D states so: You are using this breaker in contradiction come its labeling and also instructions, i beg your pardon violates NEC 110.3(B).

It also violates NEC 110.2, which calls for all devices must it is in approved.

Siemens does make classified breakers. They do the QD form for Square D "QO" panels, and also the MSQ kind also because that Square D "QO" panels. Now, Siemens" website just shed down therefore Google is useless (every web page is 404). However from Google"s watch of your pages, it"s clear they don"t do UL-classified breakers because that GE panels. Also if they did, your MP-T form is not that; gift made exclusively for Murray lineage panels. Together such, 110.3(B) and 110.2 apply, same as above.

The ideal GE breakers space perfectly reasonably priced.

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If castle weren"t (QO isn"t), climate you could take into consideration classified breakers made for that panel, such as Eaton CL. Execute not use Eaton BR; as mentioned earlier, a manufacturer"s classified lines room incompatible with their very own panels, unless they are also classified because that their own panels (The reality Eaton didn"t classify the CL line because that BR probably way they can"t.)