However, there space a few thatmightbe depending upon how “strict” that a vegan girlfriend are, and your opinions on controversial ingredients.

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I’ll conveniently go over every the spices that space not vegan, and also then the ones that might be.

These popular music Tart seasonings Are clearly NOT Vegan


All that these flavors contain at the very least one of 4 ingredients the are never vegan: gelatin, milk, whey (which originates from milk), and egg whites.

FlavorNon-Vegan Ingredients
S’moresWhey, Milk, Gelatin, Egg whites
Strawberry MilkshakeCream, Gelatin
Gone Nutty Peanut ButterMilk
Brown street CinnamonGelatin
Cinnamon RollGelatin
Vanilla MilkshakeWhey, Gelatin
Chocolate FudgeWhey, Gelatin, Egg whites
Chocolate ChipWhey, Milk, Gelatin, Egg whites
Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughMilk, Gelatin, Egg whites
Hot Fudge SundaeGelatin

No must spend lot time here, therefore let’s relocate on.

These popular music Tart Flavors can Be Vegan


There space 3 “unfrosted” spices that space dairy-free and don’t have any kind of of those evident non-vegan ingredients.

However, that doesn’t typical that castle are definitely vegan either.

Let’s go over the ingredients, and also then I’ll describe why.

FlavorPotential Non-Vegan Ingredients
Unfrosted BlueberryPalm oil, fabricated colors (red #40, blue #1, blue #2), herbal flavors
Unfrosted Brown street CinnamonPalm oil
Unfrosted StrawberryPalm oil, synthetic colors (red #40, yellow #6)

There are 3 potential worries here:

In summary, strict vegans won’t consider any Pop Tarts to be vegan.

However, if she okay v palm oil, all 3 unfrosted versions room potential options. Climate it simply comes down to just how you feel about artificial colors and natural flavors, however you’ll have actually at the very least 1 alternative (unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon).

Vegan Toaster Pastry alternatives to pop Tarts

There aren’t countless brands of vegan toaster pastries at the moment, but there is one – Bobo’s.

Bobo’s renders a few different seasonings of vegetables toaster pastries, i m sorry you deserve to buy online or in certain stores (can be difficult to uncover though).


Alternatively, you have the right to learn to make them yourself, back they’re somewhat complicated for us bad to typical cooks.

Here are some very rated recipes because that vegan popular music tarts:

If friend find any type of other an excellent recipes or vegan pop tart brands, please leave a comment below and also share them through anyone else that visits this page.

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