Black Veil Brides have talked out about break-up rumours after comments from bassist Ashley Purdy led fans to believe the tape were splitting up.

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Purdy appeared on an illustration of an additional FN Podcast, whereby he spoke of the band’s plan live shows. “We start Thursday in ~ Warped tourism in Pomona , and also we space going to do eight dates through the southerly California area.

“And that is wherein you room going to check out Black Veil Brides for the last time ever before in your whole lives,” he added. “So, you much better fucking go, since that’s gonna be it.” He later on added, “You better see us before you don’t check out us.” The podcast illustration has since been take away down.


Frontman Andy Biersack was fast to clear up the comments, telling Loudwire: “As much as i know, there are no to plan to break up the band.

“I spoke to the tape this morning, and that seems to it is in echoed through everybody,” the added. “I can’t yes, really speak to any type of comments around the tape breaking up, since I was never conscious of that. As much as ns know, that isn’t the intention, and it absolutely isn’t my intention.”

“I have the right to say that I’m aware that there have been conversations about various side projects and also things that world wanted to do,” Biersack continued.

“And, together always, with any type of band that’s been approximately for a while, that’s encouraged. World want to make different types of arts or music, there’s never been anything yet encouragement as far as the goes. I deserve to say that yeah, there most likely will it is in supplementary tasks coming increase from various members that the band. However as far as the band finishing after the Warped Tour, that definitely isn’t mine plan.”

Purdy later on made a statement around his comments, writing:


“Just because that the record and also clarification: and this is to express in an excellent humour..

I never ever once said, “the tape is breaking up”, together news outlets provided as their headline to click bait girlfriend basically right into reading method more into a story than it actually was.

The miss details came indigenous a podcast that i was going through a fellow musician and also another industry colleague whereby we we’re just having actually a discussion around music and also laughing and also having a good time. That was basically a friendly discussion and less of an interview however when who did ask those on the horizon for black color Veil Brides the moral answer is tho the same. We have actually eight shows left on the final Warped tourism ever, for this reason again, yes, it is the last time you’ll see us play there, and again, come view us currently as this will certainly be the critical time. Watch the context.

We have one festival present out in October and that’s it, so yes thats all thats top top the calendar and also that’s sort of how every one of that gained taken the end of context.

Very couple of listened to the entire podcast in the entirety before that headline quote of the band breaking up obtained blown outta proportion, the course for something news worthy that played into the dramatic.

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But honestly it to be a lighthearted and also fun discussion that one news outlet just writes Ashley states “the tape is breaking up” and then therefore on and so soon everyone just takes that and also runs through it again out of context from the entire discussion and also not the literal meaning words i’ve ever said.

Anyhow, day 1 of Warped and we’re all excitedly looking forward to performing because that you all. ‘See is there now cuz you i will not ~ see united state there again.’ Lol”