They might not be as well-known as Rabbit, Rat, Robin, Rhinoceros, Rooster or Rottweiler.

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But this charming animals deserve your spot on our list of animals whose names begin with the letter R.

Animals that begin with the Letter R

1. Raccoon


Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are medium-sized mammals endemic come North and South America. This nocturnal is found in various habitats such as prairies, forests, marshes, and also urban areas.

Raccoons room easily identified by the black markings about their eye resembling a mask. They have clawed feet with long fingers and toes. The dense furs differ from gray to brown.

They have pointed snouts and bushy, black-ringed tails. Adults measure around 60 to 95 centimeter long and weigh around 1.8 to 10.4 kg.

Raccoons room omnivores; they feeding on fish, frogs, mice, birds, other small mammals, plants, fruits, nuts and even human garbage. In the wild, raccoons deserve to live from 2 come 3 years.

2. Red Uakari


The Red Uakari (Cacajao calvus), is relatively a little monkey found in the jungles of south America in certain Brazil, Columbia and Peru. That is approximately 58 cm tall and also weighs about 4 kg.

The fur color varies indigenous white to golden to red depending upon the subspecies. All Red Uakaris are defined by your shaggy coats, fully heads, pink come red faces, large eyes and also short tails.

These agile primates feed mostly on fruits, flowers, seeds also as small animals. Their populace is in a decrease due come rampant hunting and also habitat loss.Currently, the IUCN lists the Red Uakari together “vulnerable”.

3. Redstart


Redstarts are any type of of several species of small passerine birds extensive in the western Hemisphere. Adults deserve to reach 13-14.5 cm long with 21-24 cm wingspan and 12-20 g.


Redstarts have actually black faces, black color bill, black color legs, gray upperparts, orange breasts and also long, red tail.

Most types are migratory and also breed practically anywhere, consisting of woodlands, gardens, orchards, parks and: and also quarries. Redstarts are insectivores feeding mostly on insects and also their larvae.

4. Redhead


The Redhead (Aythya americana) is a medium-sized diving duck found across North America, Australia and brand-new Zealand.

These migratory bird are uncovered in a range of habitat, consisting of ponds, freshwater lakes, seaside waters, marshlands and bays.

Adults grow to around 37 cm long with an 84 cm wingspan and weigh approximately 0.95-1.4 kg. Redhead adult males sports reddish-chestnut head, black color breast, and also gray back. It has actually red neck, yellow eyes and also blue bill.

The adult females have white breast, brown head and also back. These birds uncover food by diving or dabbling. They feed on leaves, tubers, muskgrass, wild celery, duckweeks, bulrush seeds, water lily seeds and wild rice.

5. Redpoll


Redpolls are small passerine birds found mostly in the north Hemisphere.

There space three known species of redpolls namely: typical Redpoll (Carduelis flammea), Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis cabaret), and also the Arctic Redpoll (Carduelis hornemanni).

They are generally brown or gray-brown in color and with the distinguishable red markings on your foreheads. The invoice is little and yellow.

Adults mean 11.5-14.5 cm lengthy with 20-25 centimeter wingspan and also weigh in between 12-16 g. Redpolls are normally seed-eaters however at times feeding on little insects.

6. Red Brocket


The Red Brocket (Mazama americana), is a species of brocket deer prevalent in the thick forests of central and south America. These tiny diurnal animals inhabit swamps, rivers and also marshes.

When fully-grown, Red Brocket deer measure 70-130 centimeter long, 69-71 cm tall, and also weigh 16-25 kg. Generally, they have actually reddish brown coats, arched back, and also a slim body.

Males sports anthers that deserve to measure 10-13 centimeter 4-in length. Lock feed mainly on leaves, grasses, buds and fruits. Red Brocket deer are fantastic swimmers.

7. Rhea


Rheas space either of two types of large, flightless bird endemic to southern America. The two recognized extant types are the better Rhea (Rhea Americana) and the Lesser Rhea (Rhea pennata).

Resembling one ostrich, but are smaller, Rheas have actually gray-brown plumage, little heads v pointed beaks, lengthy necks, rounded bodies, and powerful long legs.

These shy, yet agile birds can reach 120 centimeter tall and also weigh approximately 20 kg. They are omnivorous and feed on leaves, beetles, lizards and grasshoppers.

8. Ring-tailed Lemur


The Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) is a medium-sized primate aboriginal only to the afri island that Madagascar. It has a distinctive long, bushy, vividly striped, black-and-white tail.

The skin is smooth and also dark gray or black color in color. It sporting activities a white head marked with large, dark patches around the eyes. It additionally has a dark, spicy snout and also a lengthy tail much longer than that body.

The ring-tailed lemur averages 39 – 46 cm in head–body length with a 56 – 63 centimeter tall and also weighs around 2.2 kilograms. A diurnal animal, it feeds mainly on fruits, but additionally eat leaves, flowers and also sap.

The IUCN listed the Ring-tailed lemurs as “endangered” due to habitat loss. In the wild, it has actually a life expectations of lives 16 to 19 years and can live approximately 27 year in captivity.

9. Rook


Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) are small passerine birds widely dispersed in north and central Europe and some parts of Asia. They choose farmlands and wooded steppes.

They sports a distinctive all-black plumage v a gray-white face. They have black legs and also feet, feathered, rounded nostrils, and strong, slim beaks.

Adults deserve to reach 45 to 47 cm in size and also weighs from about 337 – 531 grams. Rooks feed greatly on earthworms, insect larvae, other small mammals, fruits, and also cereal grains.

10. Roadrunner


The roadrunners (also recognized as soil Cuckoo),are two varieties of fast-running terrestrial birds aboriginal to north and central America.

The two existing species of these ground foraging cuckoos are: greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) and also Lesser Roadrunner (Geococcyx velox.) your habitats incorporate deserts, open grasslands, and thorny scrub.

Roadrunners room sprint runners that deserve to run at speed of up to 24 kilometres per hour. On average, they have the right to reach 50 -58 cm long from tail to beak.

They are well-known for their distinctive head crest, oversized dark bill, long legs and black-and-white, plumage. Roadrunners are and also feed top top anything, including fruits, insects, little reptiles, rodents, and tiny animals.

11. Rabbit


Rabbits are little mammals uncovered naturally in Europe, southern Africa, Sumatra and also Japan.

Rabbits are likewise often found in the desert regions of the Middle east where the rabbit inhabit the greener components of the deserts where there is enough food and water because that the rabbits come survive.

Rabbits room herbivores the feed on mostly on grass, but rabbits also eat nuts and berries and also often fruit and also vegetables.

Rabbits dig burrows into the ground whereby the rabbit hides and stores food, and likewise gives birth to and also raises the infant rabbits.

12. Rat


The two most common varieties of rat space the black color rat and the brown rat. Both species of rat are found in all components of the world.

The rat is generally discovered in small, dark places and is assumed to have originated in Asia prior to migrating across countries and also being inadvertently passengers on human voyages.

The rat is now one the the many widely spread and also adaptable pets in the world.

The rat is a little scavenger mammal that has actually proved to it is in a pest in both urban and also rural areas where rats room normally present due to wealth of food.

Rats are known to kill smaller sized livestock ~ above farms, and there is the myth the you are only ever 5ft far from a rat in ~ anytime.

13. Rhinoceros


The rhinoceros is a big mammal indigenous to Africa and also Asia. There space five species of rhino uncovered in the world with 3 out of the 5 species of rhino now considered to it is in critically endangered.

The rhino is assumed to be the second biggest floor mammal in the human being behind the afri elephant.

The five types of rhinoceros space the white rhino (which is the largest varieties of rhino) and the black rhino which space both indigenous to Africa and also are only really distinguished in dimension as they look relatively similar.

The Indian rhino, the Sumatran rhino and the Javan rhino are all native to Asia and are much smaller in dimension than the white rhino and the black color rhino that Africa.

14. Reindeer


The reindeer (also known as the caribou) is found in large herds in the very north the the world. Reindeer inhabit both the Arctic Tundra and also the phibìc Pole regions which incorporate parts of phibìc America, Europe and Asia.

The reindeers hooves it is adapted to the season for this reason in the summer as soon as the tundra is soft and wet, the reindeers footpads come to be sponge-like in bespeak to get a bigger surface area ~ above the damp group.

In the winter, the reindeers footpads shrink and tighten, exposing the pickled in salt of the hoof i m sorry cuts right into the ice and also crusted snow to protect against the reindeer indigenous slipping.

15. Robin


The robin is a tiny bird, originally found in just Europe and also Asia.

The robin today deserve to be found throughout the human being in components of Africa, phibìc America and brand-new Zealand but all of these robin types are thought to it is in subspecies the the european robin.

The european robin has actually a glowing orange/red chest and also is the many distinctive bird the the robin family. In spite of the shining chest the the european robin, other types of woman robin are fairly plain and brown in colour.

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The mrs robin is very similar in both size and appearance to the nightingale and the two are commonly confused.