Balloons room fun, but the helium ones space always more entertaining. Therefore today, we"re going come learn just how to make hydrogen gas by combine toilet key cleaner with aluminum foil. Through hydrogen, you gain the exact same lighter-than-air properties of helium, add to it will explode! Historically, this has actually proven disastrous, but for ours tiny-scale experiments, it will certainly be safe and fun!


"The Works" brand toilet bowl cleaner (20% hydrochloride)Aluminum foilBalloonGlass bottleLong match

I found the stated toilet bowl cleaner in ~ Walmart.

Step 1 pour the Cleaner

Pour 100 ml the the cleaner into your glass jar. You have the right to afford come approximate, since the reaction dimension will be minimal by the amount of aluminum we include later on.

As usual, i guesstimated based upon the volume label on the bottle.

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Step 2 Prepare Foil

Cut a 6 inch square tranquility of tinfoil come put into the bottle. Do not use a bigger piece, together it could cause the bottle to crack and the balloon to explode and throw burning liquid about the room. Crumple the silver paper up so the it will certainly fit through the neck of the glass bottle.

Don"t do a sheet any larger 보다 6 inches!

Step 3 acquire Safe

Put top top your safety goggles. Relocate the experiment to a place that friend don"t mind obtaining soaked in cook liquid. Also, be sure to obtain your balloon ready and available for the following step.

You can discover decent security goggles in the repaint section the your local hardware store.

Step 4 add the Foil and also Cover the Bottle

Push your crumpled aluminum foil into the bottle and also immediately cover the optimal with your balloon. Girlfriend have about 30 seconds prior to the reaction gets violent, so execute this appropriate away. Once the balloon is secure, stand ago a couple of feet and watch the reaction.

Step 5 Harvest Hydrogen

Wait for the bottle to cool and also remove the balloon indigenous the top. Twisting it numerous times before removing that will help keep the gas inside while you tie the knot. Take your hydrogen gas outside and light it on fire with a long match. The gas will certainly disperse and also burn together the balloon pops, therefore don"t use a lighter or a continual match. You will be too close to avoid gaining burned.

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i was therefore excited to make hydrogen. This inspires desires of do hydrogen Zeppelin drones! What would certainly you perform with part homemade hydrogen? let us understand in the comments. If you try this the end at home, article up a video or some photos top top the corkboard. If friend have any type of questions, just hit the forum. I am constantly happy to assist out!

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