Explain what Romeo is telling Benvolio around what he is feeling in action 1, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet.
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After your greeting, Romeo asks Benvolio if that was his dad he just saw leaving and also Benvolio replies in the affirmative. He likewise tells Benvolio that his sad hrs seem long and also tells him that the reason for this is that he go not have actually that which would make the...

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After their greeting, Romeo asks Benvolio if the was his father he just saw leaving and Benvolio replies in the affirmative. He additionally tells Benvolio that his sad hrs seem long and tells him that the factor for this is the he go not have actually that which would make the hrs seem shorter. That is obviously referring to Rosaline who, he says, has actually rejected him. He claims that he is the end of favour through the one he loves.

Romeo climate goes into a passionate tirade about love being comparable to hate. He juxtaposes the two based upon the reality that Benvolio has just called him around the brawl that ended sometime before his arrival. Romeo says:

Alas, the love, whose view is muffled still,Should, without eyes, view pathways to his will!Where shall us dine? O me! What fray was here?Yet call me not, for I have heard that all.Here"s much to execute with hate, but more with love.Why, then, O brawling love! O loving hate!O any type of thing, that nothing first create!O hefty lightness! significant vanity!Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms!Feather that lead, glowing smoke, cold fire,sick health!Still-waking sleep, that is not what the is!This love feeling I, that feel no love in this.Dost thou not laugh? 

Romeo is plainly lovesick and also states the love, i m sorry is supposed to be blind, has actually seen a method into his will. The controls him. The mentions that the brawl has more to perform with love than v hate, for he is fighting a battle with love. He supplies a number of oxymoronic explanation to show his fight because that Rosaline"s love.

His paradoxical statements display screen the truth that he is utterly confused and distraught by the reality that he has to fight so tough to obtain Rosaline"s attention and also win her affection. His love is contrasted by her coldness. The love the he feel for her is no requited. The is miserable and asks Benvolio if the is laughing at him for feeling the means he does.

Benvolio states that the would rather weep at Romeo"s unfortunately situation. Romeo then delivers a speech around this:

Why, together is love"s transgression.Griefs that mine own lie hefty in my breast,Which thou wilt propagate, to have it prestWith more of thine: this love the thou aside from that shownDoth add more grief to too much of mine own.Love is a smoke raised with the fume the sighs;Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers" eyes;Being vex"d a sea nourish"d with lovers" tears:What is the else? a madness many discreet,A choking gall and also a maintaining sweet.Farewell, my coz.

He states that love does no follow the rules and also that his pain locations a hefty burden top top his heart. He states that Benvolio will just worsen his condition if he tells him an ext about his very own love for Romeo. Love come him is prefer smoke which is brought about by the vapour developed from one"s deep sighs. When love is cleansed, it bring a sparkle to lovers" eyes and also if it is troubled, the brings about a sea of tears. He believes that it can not be anything else. The is a brain sickness which hides itself, and also is at when bitter and also sweet.

Romeo additional informs Benvolio the he has actually not to be himself. Once Benvolio asks him who it is that he loves, Romeo says that that is choose asking a man who is sick with sadness to make his will. That declares the it is a woman the he loves. He climate confesses the the one the loves is attractive and also that she will certainly not return his affections ("she"ll no be hit v Cupid"s arrow"). 

He in addition states that the thing of his affection is fairly intelligent and also extremely chaste. She refuses come respond come love"s call and will not permit herself come be impacted by sweet nothings or endure his affectionate watch or receive even his most an important gifts. She has a wealth of beauty but Romeo feels that she is impoverished because that she will certainly die v all her beauty intact, instead of having profited native it.

In enhancement to every that, Romeo believes the in her refusal to present him any type of charity, she is wasting her beauty for it will certainly not it is in treasured for all time. He claims that she is also wise and beautiful come reward she own happiness by make him loss into despair. She has actually vowed to never indulge in love and that has made his life a living hell.

...She afoot forsworn come love, and also in that vowDo i live dead the live to tell that now. 

Benvolio climate advises Romeo to forget around her and look at other beautiful girls. It seems, however, as if Romeo is will on being miserable, because that he says that looking at rather will just remind him much more of she exquisite beauty. He provides an analogy in which that speaks about ladies wearing black color masks so that others might guess in ~ the beauty castle hide beneath. It just makes rather even much more curious. He states that also one that is to win blind will forever remember the beauty he had seen. Furthermore, if he must perceive one more beauty that will, as soon as again, simply be reminded of the fact that the one he loves is more beautiful. He then bids Benvolio farewell, stating the he cannot make him forget.

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It is ironic that these space Romeo"s closing words come Benvolio due to the fact that it is not lengthy after that that he does, indeed, forget. When he sees Juliet later on at the Capulet ball, that is overwhelmed by her beauty and is totally lovestruck. Rosaline instantly becomes not also a far-off memory. The is together if she never existed at all.