Back in 2012, Tom Cruise and also Katie Holmes announced castle were obtaining divorced after 6 years the marriage. Follow to Ranker, news that the A-list separation sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood and sparked a tide of rumors and speculation as to why the pair decided to part ways. So why did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes really get divorced?

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As Extra reported, Cruise and also Holmes began dating in 2005. In June go that year, the previous "Dawson"s Creek" star revealed the she and Cruise were engaged and she was converting come Scientology. Four months later, in October 2005, Holmes announced the she to be pregnant with her very first child. In April 2006, the pair invited their baby daughter Suri and also tied the knot in one Italian wedding ceremony 7 months later.

According to InStyle, both Holmes and Cruise have actually remained tight-lipped about the specific reasoning behind your divorce. However, the "Mission Impossible" actor previously revealed the he "didn"t expect" his mam to document for divorce in the summer the 2012. Although no party has evidenced why the very publicized breakup take it place, there room plenty of rumors surrounding Holmes" decision to acquire out that the marriage.


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The most common rumor bordering the demise of the couple"s connection is the Katie Holmes wanted to remove herself and also daughter Suri from any kind of involvement with the Church that Scientology. Per InStyle, Tom Cruise himself showed up to back up this theory by admitting that among the reasons his ex-wife filed for divorce came down to the controversial faith itself. 

During a deposition for Cruise"s defamation case versus Bauer media, the actor was asked by a lawyer if Holmes had actually divorced the "in part to defend Suri from Scientology," to i m sorry Cruise later on responded, "Did she speak that? the was one of the assertions, yes" (via HuffPost). 

During the 2013 deposition, Cruise additionally revealed the his daughter Suri, that was just 7 year old at the time, was no much longer a practicing member that the Church of Scientology. This certain revelation came as a surprise to many, primarily since those that leave the Church are reputed a "Suppressive Person" and also are eventually reduced off from various other members that the church — which contains immediate members the their very own family.