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I have actually a "02 MDX wth Navi and also Touring. I have actually 44k ~ above this.2 days back I had actually this inspect engine light coming on and also after pair of mile the VTM-4 light. Ns have complied with the manual and checked mine gas cap and likewise drove for 3-4 trips. But these 2 lights come on every time. I setup to take it ot the dealer , but wanted to hear indigenous the folks out there if anyone has had actually this isseCheers:1:

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Thanks dj-mdx2. I should have read the short articles before mine post.Newbie error ! will certainly take it to the dealer and also keep this thread updated

I had actually the same trouble a few months ago.Thought it was EGR worth issue but it turn outthat a rat had actually my oxygen censor and wiring because that dinner.A $450 CAD settle for me, mostly in labour time in detect outthe dead rat and also his work.. Expect this is not the instance for you.
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I took it to the dealer and also got the EGR valve replaced. Have been driving for 3 job now and no difficulties whatsoeveer. Hopefully ns dont have actually a rat problemCheers

Add me to the check engine and also VTM 4 light come on this morning. Called Acura that Westchester and dropped it off at 2:30 this afternoon. They dubbed me at 6pm and said the X was ready. They changed the EGR valve. Lock even found a damaged catalytic converter shield and replaced it. These males rock and also I very recommend them!:4:

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I had the same problem with the examine engine light/VTM-4. Mine 2003 MDX has 54,500 miles and also last main both lights came on. I took it come Pohanka Acura in Chantilly and also they told me that it had to perform with the ethanol mix consisted of in gas nowadays and how perceptible Honda engines are. ???? i use covering all the time and also their ethanol contents is only up come 10% through volume. Their solution was to put Exxon instead.The factor they said the problem is the gas is the no codes came showing that noþeles else was wrong. Ns did a search here to see what anyone had difficulties with. For this reason I inquiry Pohanka...Did you check the EGR valve, the oxygen sensor, the idle control valve, etc. They say they did. Did they really execute all that? You be the judge.So as of now, I"m "driving" the MDX through two lamp on. No apparent difference in the driving indigenous before. Therefore their next solution right now, north the tank, refill, check out what happens. Do this around two to three times and see what wake up plus they"ll hook it up to their computer again and also see what the shows. Luckily, ns don"t feel any difference in driving but will store monitoring the situation.Needless to say, I"m not a happy camper.Any thoughts, comments, opinions would be substantially appreciated.p.s. All the took a week and also no results. At least they to be nice to offer me a loaner and drove the hell the end of it. 2006 TSX v 217 miles. Offered it ago with about 800 miles.