Poetry ended up being my enthusiasm after I dropped in love through Walter de la Mare's "Silver" in Mrs. Edna Pickett's sophomore English class circa 1962.

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Introduction and also Text that "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight"

Vachel Lindsay’s father was a physician, who urged his boy to study medicine, but the son uncovered that the did not desire to be a doctor. That dropped the end of Hiram College and also studied for a time at the Chicago arts Institute and later in ~ the new York institution of Art.

While in brand-new York, Lindsay started writing poetry. The would print out copies of his poems and also sell them on the street. He delighted in a reasonably high level of recognition for his writing, and specifically for his performances the his works. He believed that poetry to be to be heard more than read, and his lively concerts brought him a broad audience.

One of his most provided poems concentrates on the sixteenth president of the unified States. Titled "Abraham Lincoln Walks in ~ Midnight," with the inscription "In Springfield, Illinois," the poem is composed of eight stanzas each through the rime plan ABCB and also separates into 4 movements.

(Please note: The spelling, "rhyme," to be introduced into English through Dr. Samuel Johnson through an etymological error. For my explanation because that using only the original form, please view "Rime vs Rhyme: An unfortunately Error.")

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight

(In Springfield, Illinois)

It is portentous, and also a point of state That here at midnight, in our tiny town A mourning figure walks, and also will not rest, close to the old court-house pacing up and down.

Or through his homestead, or in shadowed yards the lingers whereby his youngsters used come play, Or through the market, top top the well-worn stones he stalks till the dawn-stars burn away.

A bronzed, lank man! His suit of old black, A well known high top-hat and also plain worn shawl make him the quaint great figure that men love, The prairie-lawyer, understand of united state all.

He cannot sleep upon his hillside now. he is among us:—as in times before! and we that toss and lie wake up for lengthy breathe deep, and also start, to watch him pass the door.

His head is bowed. He thinks on men and also kings. Yea, when the sick people cries, how can he sleep? Too plenty of peasants fight, they understand not why, Too plenty of homesteads in black color terror weep.

The guilty of all the war-lords burn his heart. the sees the dreadnaughts scouring every main. he carries top top his shawl-wrapped shoulders currently The bitterness, the folly and the pain.

He cannot rest until a spirit-dawn shall come;—the shining expect of Europe free; The league of sober folk, the Workers' Earth, Bringing lengthy peace come Cornland, Alp and Sea.

It division his love that monarchs must killing still, the all his hours of travail right here for males Seem however in vain. And who will bring white tranquility the he may sleep ~ above his hill again?

Reading the "Abraham Lincoln Walks in ~ Midnight"


One that Vachel Lindsay's most noted poems takes together its subject the sixteenth president of the unified States, Abraham Lincoln, most likely the most beloved chairman of all forty-four. (As that 2018, there have actually been a full of 44 us presidents. Donald trump is president 45 since Grover Cleveland had actually two presidencies the did not run consecutively; hence while there have actually been 45 presidencies, there have actually been just 44 presidents.)

First Movement: report a Portentous Event

It is portentous, and also a point of state That here at midnight, in our small town A mourning number walks, and will not rest, near the old court-house speed up and also down.

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Or by his homestead, or in shadowed yards he lingers whereby his children used to play, Or with the market, on the well-worn stones that stalks till the dawn-stars burn away.

In the opening stanza, the speaker declares that "a mourning figure walks" close to the courthouse, and this is a "portentous" event that needs to be reported. In the 2nd stanza, the speaker enumerates other places where the number has been seen walking: through the house where the figure once lived and where his children played, in the market place "on the well-worn stones." and also he "stalks till the dawn-stars burn away," therefore the title Lincoln "walks in ~ midnight."