Abraham LincolnRail SplitterIssue Date: February 9, 2009City: Springfield, ILBorn in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) to be the very first U.S. President born external the original thirteen colonies. During his childhood, Lincoln’s family moved very first to Indiana, then cleared up in Illinois.Lincoln was an avid reader with a quest for knowledge. Although he received less than 18 month of officially education, Lincoln’s self-education was extensive. In ~ 22, Lincoln moved to new Salem, Illinois. He sustained himself by working a selection of odd jobs, consisting of shopkeeper, postmaster, surveyor, and rail-splitter. Unusually tall and also strong, Lincoln was an may be wrestler and also talented through an axe. He served as captain of the neighborhood militia throughout the black Hawk War and was widely respected by the guys in his command.Although he despised the nickname, Lincoln started to be recognized as the “Rail-Splitter” during the 1860 presidential campaign. Come emphasize his humble beginnings, pendant marched into the Illinois State Republican Convention holding split rails painted with the slogan “Abraham Lincoln, The Rail Candidate because that President in 1860.” due to the fact that of – or perhaps despite – the nickname, Lincoln won the nomination and also the presidential election.

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Did an 11-Year-Old Girl convince Lincoln To grow A Beard?

On October 15, 1860, 11-year-old elegant Bedell wrote a letter come Republican presidential nominee Abraham Lincoln. She suggested he prosper a moustache – which he did shortly after!During the 1860 choice season, young elegant Bedell experienced a picture of Abraham Lincoln and also told her mom he’d look much better with a beard and that she intended to tell that so. And in fact, she did. Top top October 15, she created a letter to Lincoln, informing him she wanted him to it is in president and that she would certainly vote because that him if she could. She also urged that to prosper a beard. Elegant told Lincoln he would certainly be “much improved in appearance, detailed you would cultivate whiskers.”
Young Grace more promised to convince her brothers to vote for Lincoln if he flourished a beard. “You would certainly look a an excellent deal better as your challenge is therefore thin. All the ladies favor whiskers and they would tease your husbands to vote for you and also then you would certainly be President,” she explained.
Lincoln was so enjoy it by the letter that he wrote back to her four days later. “As to the whiskers, having never worn any, execute you no think human being would speak to it a item of stunner affectation if ns were to begin now?” despite Lincoln’s comment, the he believed it can be odd to change his appearance, he had a complete beard by the time he captured the train for the resources for his inauguration.
Along the method to the capital, Lincoln quit in Bedell’s hometown, called the group of her letter and also asked to fulfill her. 2 statues and also a plaque were created in Westfield, NY in 1999 to honor their meeting.

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Other factors for Lincoln’s new fashion may incorporate concerns around his youth. At age 51, Lincoln to be the youngest person chosen President at the time, and also may likewise have added the beard to imply maturity.