A pucker in Time begins with an introduction to Margaret “Meg” Murry, an adolescent girl who mood matches the “dark and stormy” weather that opens the novel. Meg, sitting in her attic bedroom, frets about the storm and also her problem at school—both past her control.

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Meg’s life at institution is dismal. She teachers perform not recognize her and her obvious lack the intellect; they indicate that she be held ago and not supported at the end of the institution year. Her relationships with various other students are no better. As soon as a young insults her youngest brother, Charles Wallace, Meg instigates a fight. The bruised eye she receives is a little hurt compared to the inner pain she is experiencing. Meg’s father has actually been lacking from the family members for a long period of time. The gossip about his whereabouts is painful for Meg come hear. She despairs that, unlike her mother, she can not hide her worry.

unable to sleep with the storm howling around her attic bedroom, Meg decides come go downstairs to the kitchen and also make a cup of hot chocolate. As she viewpoints the kitchen, she hears the household dog, Fortinbras, barking. Anyone is asleep and Meg is came to that there might be one intruder in the area. A theft has currently occurred at a neighbor’s house.

as soon as Meg reaches the kitchen, she is startled to discover Charles Wallace sit at the table and eating a snack. She is further surprised that he already has milk warming because that her warm chocolate. Meg reflects on this and also on her siblings in general. Her pair brothers, Sandy and also Dennys, are thought about to it is in the “normal” children in the family, but she (the oldest) and Charles Wallace (the youngest) room thought to it is in odd. Meg’s father, however, has assured her the both she and also Charles Wallace space fine and also are proceeding at their very own rates. Meg sees this in Charles Wallace’s development. He did not speak until he was four years old however when he finally did it was in totality sentences. Meg, however, does not see herself in the exact same light; she believes the she is simply “dumb.”

as soon as Meg notices the there is enough milk in the pan for much more than one cup of cocoa, Charles Wallace, mirroring his precociousness, speak her the he assumed their mother can like some as well; he claims this simply as Mrs. Murry is walking into the kitchen. Charles Wallace volunteer to prepare sandwiches for every one of them, and while the twins stay asleep, Mrs. Murry, Meg, and also Charles Wallace settle in to your snacks in the warm, shining kitchen and discuss the sorry events of the day.

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during their conversation, Charles Wallace speak Meg that he is going to discuss her predicaments with his new friend, Mrs. Whatsit. ~ above hearing this, both Mrs. Murry and also Meg refer concern due to the fact that it is proof that Charles Wallace has actually strayed off their property. Together they talk, Fortinbras begins to growl and stare at Mrs. Murry’s activities door, which leader to the outside. Mrs. Murry goes to investigate and returns with an especially stranger. The stranger is pull on in a variety of poorly matched clothes. Together the stranger clears the rain-soaked gear, Meg sees the the stranger is an enlarge woman.

Charles Wallace greets her as the secret Mrs. Whatsit and also offers her some cocoa and also a snack to heat her. Meg is suspiciously of this strange woman who currently appears come be she brother’s friend, and also Mrs. Whatsit responds by addressing Charles Wallace: “Tell your sister I’m all right....Tell she my intentions space good.” Charles Wallace’s solution is cryptic (and far past the knowledge and also experience the a five-year-old boy): “The road to hell is paved with great intentions.”

as Meg suspected, Mrs. Whatsit is the neighborhood thief. Furthermore, Mrs. Whatsit shocks Mrs. Murry v a secret declaration about the presence of “such a thing...as a tesseract.”