Forces on a Baseball. As soon as a baseballis thrown or hit, the resulting motion of the sphere is established by Newton"s laws of motion. ... Lift and also drag are actually two contents of a solitary aerodynamic force acting on the ball.

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Drag acts in a direction opposite to the motion, and also lift action perpendicular come the motion.

A frictionless piston-cylinder includes carbon dioxide gas (CO2) originally at 500oC and also 2 MPa. The mechanism is o3 cooled in one iso

(a) The reduced pressure is 0.2711 MPa

The decreased temperature is 2.54 K

(b) The initial volume that the piston is roughly 0.806 m³

(c) The massive of CO₂ is around 16.9884 kg

(d) The job-related done, W is around 388.023 kJ

(e) The warm transfer is roughly -2,650.1904 kJ


The early stage temperature of the piston-cylinder, T₁ = 500°C = 773.15 K

The initial push of the gas, P₁ = 2 MPa

The last temperature that the gas, T₂ = 350°C

The last volume the the gas = 1 m³

(a) because that an isobaric process, us have;

The reduced pressure,


The an essential pressure of carbon dioxide,

= 7.3773 MPa


The reduced pressure,

= 0.2711 MPa

The an essential temperature,

= 304.13 K

The diminished temperature,

, is offered by the following formula;



= (773.15 K)/(304.13 K) = 2.54216947 K

The reduced temperature,

≈ 2.54 K

(b) The early stage volume that the piston, V₁ = (V₂/T₂) × T₁

The initial volume the the piston, V₁ ≈ 0.806 m³

(c) The variety of moles the CO₂ in the cylinder, "n", is provided according come the following formula;

n = P·V/(T·R)

The global gas constant, n = (2 × 10⁶Pa × 1 m³)/(623.15 K × 8.3145 J/(mol·K)) ≈ 386.0124 moles