A parallelogram is a form of quadrilateral whereby the the opposite sides space parallel and equal. The imaginaryline so formed along i beg your pardon you can fold a figure to attain the symmetry halves is referred to as the heat of symmetry. Thus, the currently of the opposite ofa parallelogram describe the lines cutting the parallelogram right into two the same parts. Also, the lines of the opposite in a parallelogram varyas every the type of parallelogram.

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1.What AreLines of the contrary in a Parallelogram?
2.Symmetry present in various Parallelograms
3.Rotational symmetry of a Parallelogram
4.Solved ExamplesonLines of the contrary in a Parallelogram
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6.FAQs onLines of the contrary in a Parallelogram

What AreLines of the opposite in a Parallelogram?

The currently of the contrary in a parallelogram space those lines that divide a parallelogram right into two halves together thateach half is the mirror picture of the other. We understand that there are different parallelograms categorized together per your shapes, the linesegments, and also corners lock are comprised of. Thus, this have different lines that symmetry and different number of the opposite lines. Wecan find whether a shape is symmetry by urgent it and also checking for theLine the Symmetry. Ifthe folded part sits perfectly on top, with all edges and corners matching, then the folded line representsa heat of Symmetry and that shape is symmetry either along its length, breadth, or diagonals. Let's check for the present of the contrary in a basic parallelogram:


From the over figure, we have the right to observe that:

There is no lineof the opposite of a parallelogramalong that length, breadth. There is no superimposition of one half on the other when folded along its half.The diagonals are not symmetrical. This is because, when we fold the parallelogramalong the diagonal line, we execute not acquire the very same shape as 2 halves.

Thus, the parallelograms have no lines of the contrary buttheyhave rotational symmetry at 180°, around the center.

Symmetry present in different Parallelograms

Different parallelograms space varied in their shape and so perform their present of symmetry.

Let's research them in detail.

ParallelogramNumber of the opposite linesSymmetry lines
Square4Both that is diagonals and also the currently joining the midpoints the its opposite sides, the is the bisectors.
Rectangle2The linesjoining the midpoint of the opposite and also parallel currently (i.e. The bisector) of the rectangle.
Rhombus2Both that diagonalsdividingit into two the same halves.

Rotational the contrary of a Parallelogram

Rotational symmetry is when an item is rotated in a particular direction, the too about a point. So, when a form is turned, and the shape is identical to the origin, rotational symmetry persists.The number retains its precise appearance after it is rotated, about a facility point. A parallelogram has zero or noline that symmetry. Together per the stimulate is concerned, it has actually rotational symmetry of stimulate 2.


Different parallelograms have different orders that rotational symmetry:

Square - 4 - 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°Rectangle - 2 - 180°, 360°Rhombus - 2 - 180°, 360°

Important Notes

In Mathematics, symmetry exist whenone shape is similar to the other shape as soon as it is moved, rotated, or flipped.When ashape or picture looks exactly similar to the initial shape or photo after part rotation, that's rotational symmetry.An object and also its picture are symmetrical with recommendation to its mirror line.

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Solved ExamplesonLines of the contrary in a Parallelogram

Example 1:What space the angle at i m sorry a parallelogramhas rotational symmetry?


When a form is turned, and the shape is still the same to the origin, then it have the right to be claimed that it mirrors rotational symmetry. So, ifthe figure retains its precise appearance after that is rotated, around a facility point. Thus, we can saythat aparallelogram showsa rotational symmetry at 180°.

Example 2: check for the currently of symmetry in a rhombus.



We understand that a rhombus has actually 4 equal sides however what around diagonals? space the diagonals also equal in length? The diagonals the a rhombus crossing at equal angles and also thus makes four equal parts as soon as folded follow me the present of symmetry. Therefore, arhombus has two currently of symmetry.


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Practice concerns on currently of symmetry in a Parallelogram

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FAQsonLines of symmetry in a Parallelogram

Are there any Lines of the opposite in a Parallelogram?

A general parallelogram has actually no lineof the contrary butdifferent parallelograms, together asrectangle, square, or rhombus have lines that symmetry.

What Is a basic Parallelogram?

In Euclidean geometry, a parallelogram is a quadrilateral through two bag of parallel sides with the opposite sides being equal in length and the opposite angle being same in measure.

Which Parallelogram has the MaximumNumber of the contrary Lines?

A square has actually 4 present ofsymmetry the is the maximum among all various other parallelogram types.

What are the Symmetry currently in various Parallelograms?

The different parallelograms have a different variety of symmetry lines

A Square has symmetry lines along thediagonals, bisectors of the contrary sidesA Rectangle has actually symmetry lines follow me thebisectors of opposite sidesA Rhombus has actually symmetry lines along thediagonals.

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How plenty of Lines the Symmetry walk An Irregular square Have?

An irregular quadrilateral has no lines of Symmetry.

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