Symbolism, the usage of signs to stand for ideas, has been a common use of figurative language in composing for plenty of years. Lorraine Hansberry uses this form of visual summary throughout the play. The main instance of this is the method the writer uses the image of MAMA’s deprived and “feeble” plant to highlight a deeper link to MAMA’s dreams.

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When MAMA very first enters the play, the first thing she immediately does is have tendency to her plant in the window. The writer wants the reader to understand that although the little plant is considered practically dead the is persistently attempting to thrive with the small amount of sunlight that that receives (39, 52). The dream that reoccurs in the pat is MAMA’s hope of moving out that the apartment, the she and big Walter bought appropriate after they acquired married, and move right into a two-story home with a garden (45). Hansberry’s use of symbolism is amazing here. The lifeless plant, that is barely enduring from absence of nourishment, represents MAMA’s dream garden. MAMA didn’t have the chance to meet her dreams due to putting the requirements of the family first but, she quiet cares for the plant every day. The plants’ objective of representing the dream the a garden/new residence is shown in act 1 step 1. The author writes “Well I always wanted me a garden like provided to see periodically at the earlier of the residences down home. This plant is close as I ever got to having actually one … Lord, ain’t nothing as dreary as the check out from this home window on a dreary job is there? (53)” The critical sentence in this quote has many feasible meanings, yet the view that strikes me is the MAMA is describing the “view” indigenous the view of looking at the window not out of it. The right living plant sitting ~ above a windowsill, getting small to no light, and also fighting to endure is a depressing sight for MAMA. The lifeless visibility of the plant reminds her of the dream “deferred” or, in other words, a dream put on the shelf untouched.

When large Walter pass MAMA make the decision to use a big portion of the insurance inspect for a under payment on a house, she was one action closer come achieving she and large Walter’s dream until the remainder of the money was stolen indigenous them. The ns of the money deterred MAMA and also the Younger family from moving right into the new house. Hansberry defines this scene, “MAMA enters from her bedroom. She is lost, vague, make the efforts to record hold, to make some feeling of her previous command of the world, yet it still eludes her… She go to her plant, which has remained on the table, looks at it, picks it up and takes it come the windowsill and also sits the outside, and also she stands and also looks at it a lengthy moment. (139)” Distraught and emotionally drained from the emotionally rollercoaster the is she life, MAMA puts the plant ago into its usual spot. That is shown that by putting ago the pot, MAMA is providing up on the dream once again, confident that it will likely not happen and that she life will remain the same. In the last phase direction that the play, Hansberry closes v MAMA pack up the critical of the house, “MAMA stands, at last alone in the living room, she plant top top the table prior to her together the lights begin to come down … The lights dim down. The door opens and also she comes back in, grabs her plant, and also goes the end for the critical time. (151)”  MAMA grabbing the plant at the finish is so essential to this figurative theory behind the symbolic purpose of the plant. MAMA going ago in the home to take it and also take it v her come the brand-new Younger residence to represent the conclusion of their life in the apartment and also symbolizes the fulfillment of her and large Walter’s dream.

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Having read and also watched A Raisin In The Sun, what purpose carry out you think Lorraine Hansberry had actually when she made decision on the location of this play? What blog post was she trying to portray?

How can we to compare the imagery that Langston Hughes’ a raisin in the sunlight to Hansberry’s symbol of MAMA’s lover plant?

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Morgan McConnell says:

Megan,I had very similar thoughts when reading the last Act the this play! The plant was certainly symbolizing Mama’s dream with big Walter i m sorry wasn’t talked around as much as every one of the other characters dreams’. I think Lorraine Hansberry determined the location of this play because that the function of the raisin symbolizing a dream left the end in the sun, wrinkled and dry already, but still sit there wait to be acted upon. I think she to be trying come portray a blog post that the dream to be left and also pushed back on for a while prior to it was pursued and also it got very wrinkled and also dry in the sun (symbolizing the raisin). The imagery of Langston Hughes’ a raisin in the sunlight to Hansberry’s prize of Mama’s lovely plant can be contrasted in a way where they both stand for dreams and also have been sitting for a while. Once you stated, “The lifeless presence of the tree reminds she of the dream “deferred” or, in various other words, a dream put on the shelf untouched”, was that dream sitting there until the finish of the play wherein Mama bring away the plant and moves right into a bigger house with a garden to it is in made favor she constantly dreamed of. The dream to be “untouched” and also small, almost lifeless choose the plant, but eventually it will certainly be personal of a garden, the enlarge dream.