Robert organization wrote the line in a poem referred to as The Cremation of Sam McGee, which ns was compelled to memorize and then recite in former of a gigantic campfire forty years ago. Ns don’t understand if the young Scouts still compel your members to memorize and also recite lengthy passages of narrative poetry, however my previous Scoutmaster – a retirement Colonel in the US military – was insistent ~ above it, and also I because that one am much better for it.

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Anyway, i made a promise critical year to a guy named Greg Shea that I’m going come make great on today, and I can use your help. Here’s the quick version.

Greg Shea and also his family own and also operate The Pen agency of America in Garwood new Jersey. They’ve been at it for four generations, and also to mine knowledge, they space the only family-run pen company that manufacturers pens and also markers solely in the united States. (Not “assembled” in the USA, or “sourced from materials in phibìc America,” or some other clever revolve of phrase that allows devious marketers to make erroneous claims, yet actually made totally in the USA.)

Anyway, Greg loves The method I Heard It, and called me straight to watch what it would expense to sponsor a few episodes. When I called him, i detected a faint, whimpering sound ~ above the other finish of the line, and concluded the The Pen firm of America didn’t have actually the type of marketing budget plan consistent through a nationwide sponsorship program. Ns was correct. What Greg did have actually however, was an exceptional story, a good sense the humor, and a really fantastic product.

Long story short, Greg sent me a boxful the markers particularly designed for tradespeople. He called them “RevMark Markers.” this are an extremely tough, an extremely rugged markers that room virtually indestructible. They also have creative cap that allows the user to i think what Greg called, “the reverse position,” a strange claim made me laugh the end loud. Other characteristics included “a difficult tip” and “a ridged shaft,” both of i m sorry Greg said guaranteed “longer lasting performance.” Greg likewise put the civicpride-kusatsu.netWORKS logo onto the side, and also invited me to keep them together a usually gift from a modest company that support the purposes of mine modest foundation.

So – later that day, just for grins – i posted a video on this page, demonstrating the RevMark marker in action. In the course of law so, I may have argued that anyone seeking “longer lasting performance” might wish to ponder the benefits of a “harder tip.” I might have likewise suggested the advantages of at least trying the “reverse position,” and also directing every those therefore inclined to visit

Honestly, I thought it would be a nice way to refer my appreciation to the Shea family, and publicly congratulate them for maintaining their service in the unified States. Ns did not think I would crash the website, or shut your online service down for the next 48 hrs – which apparently, i did.

To make amends, i told Greg if mine crew and I were ever before in brand-new Jersey, we’d avoid by and say hello. I also said – if they to be interested in do some much more of those RevMark Markers v my surname on the next – I’d be willing to speak publicly on the importance of “longer lasting performance.”

I wasn’t precisely joking, yet I wasn’t exactly serious either. Greg Shea however, is a an extremely literal machine of pens and also markers. He take it me up on my suggestion, and also created an entire line that civicpride-kusatsu.netWORKS products, including a brand-new batch of RevMark Markers, which now bear my name.

And so, a couple of months ago, I went to Garwood brand-new Jersey to learn much more than I ever thought I wanted to know about the organization of make pens and markers in the USA.

I met the Shea household in human being – Greg, Matt, Coleen, and Hap. Ns laughed for about 8 hours straight. I obtained an exhaustive tour of their facilities, and also created the marketing products as promised. Today, i’m making an excellent on mine promise to post them, and invite the civilization to endure the many benefits of a more tough tip and also longer lasting performance. You may see that for yourself at

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Greg assures me the site will no crash. He may or might not it is in correct. In turn, I have the right to assure you, the this company, this family, and also these products, are the real deal. For this reason – if she the kind of a person who still supplies pens and also markers in the course of your day-to-day life, and also you feeling inclined to shot something new, try RevMark. Endure the reverse position. And congratulate yourself for supporting four generations the Shea’s, and a company that’s refused to take it their agency overseas.