What is the difference between a legend or a key? Is that still called a legend if it is situated at the top, fairly than the bottom of results?



"Legend" implies that that is entries room generics, just like terrain species on a map, when "key" suggests that that is entries are specific, as with one price designating the Museum of organic History, an additional the city Museum the Art, etc. Generally, nobody is going to acquire real mad no issue which friend use. It doesn"t matter where they"re located.

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A legend is a caption, a location or quick explanation appended to an article, illustration, cartoon, or poster.A vital is an explanatory list of symbols offered in a map, table, etc.

Legend is an ext generic, if key is more specific. No word implicates anything around the place of the text/list.


A "Caption" supplied to it is in a box you put at the optimal of a map, for this reason the "Cap" part.

The "Legend" is the explanatory info within a caption that permits you come understand just how to usage the map, especially the Keys. That is a syllogistic synopsis, a brief story if girlfriend will.

The "Keys" room the symbols and numbers in ~ the caption that the Legend explains.

Somehow the two acquired mixed up end the centuries.

Imagine if you had actually a caption with Keys however no Legend to explain what they mean. These varieties of maps are actually all also common. They are fun and difficult but sometimes impossible to understand because you have to be a little bit of a cryptologist come decipher what the symbols median sometimes. We"ve all watched the dotted line which to represent a trail, a right line a road, a wavy line a river, a circle v a triangle in that a campground, a skull and bones miscellaneous dangerous etc.

Now imagine if you had actually a subtitle with a Legend yet no symbols. This maps exist too, together the explanation might be about shaded locations on the map with no need for designating symbols.

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Somehow the Legend came to be called the "Key", which is bizarre, together if the map had actually a solitary symbol. Just as odd, part Captions are referred to as the "Compass" i m sorry is actually the climbed Compass, i beg your pardon is a diagram explaining the cardinal directions appropriate to the map.