The true seals, also known as the earless seals and also the crawling seals, are over 18 types of semi-aquatic naval mammals the the family Phocidae. Castle are one of three families within the super household known together pinnipeds.

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Pinniped means feather(pinni) foot(ped) in Latin. The various other two family members are the walrus, alone in its very own genus, and the sea lions.

Sea lions and also fur seals are known as eared seals or walking seals. True seals differ from sea lions in the they have actually no external ears, and also are can not to to walk on all-fours as the sea lions can.

The fur seals are likewise in the sea lion family and also are not true seals, although lock are called by the surname "seal", but all the pinnipeds, seals, walruses and also sea lions, room all seals, together lions and cheetahs and domestic cats are all cats. So it is not wrong to speak to a sea lion or a walrus a seal, just as it would not be wrong to call a jaguar or a hill lion a cat,  just a little less accurate.

The seals old ancestors were land animals, more than likely somewhat comparable to otters.

For factors unknown, this terrestrial creatures returned to the ocean about 20 million years ago, whereby they have because become the many successful and also widely dispersed family that carnivores in the world.

Seals live mostly in an extremely cold, frequently frozen environments, and also their bodies space layered in blubber to defend them native the elements. Blood in reality migrates come the exterior layers of blubber when the pet needs to cool down, and also flows ago to the inner layers, close come the bodies core, as soon as the temperature is colder.

The body of a seal is particularly structured because that life in the water, v a smooth, torpedo shaped torso, and flattened, an effective flippers, favor four huge swim fins rather of feet. In fact, the swim-fins scuba divers and backyard snorkelers use were modeled ~ the unique, compressed and web-toed feet the a seal.

Most seal species live in very big social groups called nests that might come together to sunbathe in masses of hundreds, and take to the coast to mate and also raise young in tightly packed gatherings the thousands.

On land lock are incredibly cumbersome, and must relocate their often enormous bodies through wriggling almost like a worm. Some species move roughly by bouncing, part pull themselves forward with their former flippers, and also many seals will likewise occasionally roll their body one or two transformations to one side or the other if they great to move short distances.

In the ocean though, seals swim with exceeding grace and also swiftness, utilizing all four flippers for both propulsion and also steering. Some species can dive 1000 feet deep and remain submerged because that over one hour.

They have actually larger quantities of blood and also a higher concentration that oxygen in the blood than any type of land animals, and also they expel all oxygen from your lungs prior to they dive, avoiding issues such together "the bends".  

In dives as deep as 1000 feet and as lengthy as 100 minutes, their one-of-a-kind bodies survive on only the oxygen in their blood.






There room over 18 types of true seals, many of which display screen varying extents of sexual dimorphism - an evident difference in appearance between males and females. Depending upon the species, male seals can be larger than females by as lot as 5 times, and in numerous species, such together the hooded and elephant seals, mature males have unique pendulous noses and also other facial features.

Seals are extremely social and desire near contact, but don"t really have close relationships. They may move about among numerous other seals happy communing through dozens the individuals. Although lock live in huge groups seals space solitary hunters diving numerous hundred feet deep trying to find fish, crustaceans and also squid. 

Lifestyle normally varies among the countless species, however seals, in general, room promiscuous, and males do not contribute to the increasing of young. Seals migrate in between breeding grounds and feeding grounds, traveling number of hundred to up to two thousand miles a year.

When females come at the reproduction grounds, i m sorry are dubbed rookeries, the males have already staked insurance claims to prime areas, battling each other with according to roaring, charges and also sometimes violent contests.

Females arrive already pregnant native the previous season, and give birth to one baby, called a pup, in ~ a few days that arriving. After the birth of the infant the mother seal will remain on land for as much as 6 weeks, education the pup till the is 3 times its birth weight.

In part species, such as the familiar harp seal, the mommy fasts because that a couple of weeks, act nothing however nursing her newborn, then, after only 4 come 5 weeks, she leaves the pup because that good, return to the s to girlfriend again.

The harp seal pups are snow white in color to camouflage lock in their snowy environment, which is critical over the following week or two, together they start to forage and fend because that themselves.

Other seals spend an ext time nurturing your young ones, but many types use this an approach of complete dedication by the mommy for a few weeks and then usually a cold turkey abandonment.

Groups of hope pups conference on beaches calling for their mothers and falling prey to killer whales, and also polar bears. At some point the the strongest survivors require to the water and find their means to the feeding grounds which may be hundreds of miles away.  

what is the difference in between seals and sea lions?

Sea lions are members that the seal or pinniped family. The word pinniped means "flipper feet" or "feather feet" and also includes three types of semi-aquatic maritime mammals. The walrus, the "true seals" and also the "eared seals" or "walking seals".

There room 7 varieties of sea lions and 9 species of hair seals that comprise the "earred seals".

Eared seals different from true seals in the they have outside ears, larger, much more powerful forelimbs, and can turn their hind limbs forward and beneath them. These distinctions in skeletal structure permit the sea lion and also fur seal come not just sit in a semi-upright position, (that classic pose), but additionally to walk and also even operation on all-fours.

In contrast, the behind limbs of true seals space fused together and also are permanently encountering rearward making go impossible. 

All pinnipeds, also walruses, are taken into consideration seals, in the same large sense the leopards are thought about cats, so the is not incorrect to contact a sea lion a seal, just less precise.

Eared seals invest a great deal that time on land, breeding and sunning ~ above the shores. V long, an effective front flippers, their organic position is upright through the chest increased off the ground. Their rear legs space two separate, front-facing flippers that have the right to be rotated under the body, and they have the right to rise up and move around with a two beat gate.

Also regularly referred to together the "walking seals",  the eared seals can actually walk, and also even run, rather rapidly once necessary.

The "true seals" have no outside ear flaps, smaller front flippers and rearward dealing with hind limbs that room fused together right into one scalloped flipper. They move across land by extending their upper bodies out and arching your backs to traction themselves forward.

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True seals additionally swim differently from eared seals, obtaining most of their propulsion from your fused, tail-like behind flippers and also undulating motions comparable to a dolphin come propel themselves, when the eared seals usage their strong front flippers together big, highly reliable oars, appearing to fly v the water choose birds.

Walruses have actually skeletons designed an ext like the eared seals, yet have no ears. They move like the true seals in the water, but like the eared seals top top land, and also so room somewhere in in between these two groups, and also are share in a genus of your own. - Seal Facts