Can you name 18 fruit that begin with H? after ~ doing some research we come up with a list of fruits that could sound familiar like honeydew and also some that might be a surprise, choose a hairless rambutan.

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There space so numerous different type of fruits to explore. Have fun discovering 18 fruits beginning with H.

1. Honeycrisp Apple

The Honeycrisp apologize is a range of apple that was arisen by the college of Minnesota in the 1960’s. It was then presented to the industry in the 1990’s. This apple gained it’s surname from the color and crunch.

This fruit is shining red with a yellow-green skin and also has a sweet taste and smell. They can be consumed raw and are also good used in cooking like because that pies, cakes, muffins and more.

2. Hairless Rambutan

This is a tropical fruit that is indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s comparable to the rambutan fruit without the hair. They taste like lychee fruit and also have a sweet flavor. The hairless rambutan can be consumed right off the tree. The fruit has a red flesh v a white facility stone. The hairless rambutan is not grown for commercial use.

3. Highbush Blueberry

Highbush blueberries, Vaccinium corymbosum, are indigenous to the eastern seaside regions of north America. They room the many popular type of blueberries that deserve to be found at your neighborhood grocery store. The highbush blueberry is additionally easy to thrive for home gardeners.

4. Heirloom Tomato

Yes, think it or not, heirloom tomatoes are fruit. Lock come in a range of shapes and also colors depending on their variety. Heirloom tomatoes deserve to be chosen depending on their taste, size, or horticultural history.

These tomato come in colors prefer red, purple, yellow, and also green. They can be sliced increase fresh and also eaten top top their very own or used for things choose sauces and juices. Heirloom tomatoes can likewise be preserved and also canned.

5. Hackberry

The hackberry fruit grow on big Celtis occidentalis trees. The hackberry is a small, dark red berry that is sweet in taste. Castle are aboriginal to phibìc America and also are full of nutrients.

These berries have a crispy shell, dried pulp and an edible seed, practically candy-like. Some even compare hackberries to the taste and also texture that a peanut M&M. One point to keep in mind is that you can’t to buy hackberries in ~ the store, they are only uncovered out in nature.

6. Hardy Kiwi

Hardy kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberries are indigenous to nations like Korea, Japan and also Northern China, not new Zealand as the name can suggest.

They are around the size of a cherry tomato and also look favor a small kiwi there is no the fuzzy hair. The durable kiwi is a small sweeter than a fuzzy kiwi. This fruit have the right to be supplied for jams, desserts and also more.

7. Horned Melon

You can’t wrong a horned melon through it’s spikey appearance. This fruit has actually a sweet melon taste v a note of cucumber. A ripe melon’s skin is orange and the inside is soft through edible seeds.

The horned melon originated in south and central Africa and can currently be found in the united States, new Zealand, and also Australia.

8. Huckleberry

Huckleberries are similar to blueberries other than they room a little larger in size. Lock are also a tiny less sweet than blueberries. These berries are grown in phibìc America and also are in reality the state fruit that Idaho. They can be blue, red, even black in color. Try making pies, jellies or jams with the tasty huckleberry.

9. Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melons are a soft, environment-friendly melon with a white skin. They have a sweet taste and similar in taste and texture to cantaloupe. This melons are recognized to have originated in the center East.

Honeydews are packed with nutrients prefer vitamin B,C and also potassium. These melons are a an excellent addition to a fruit plate or provided in a very delicious dessert. Scroll to the bottom because that a refresh honeydew mocktail.

10. Hottentot Fig

This is a tart tasting fig from south Africa. Lock are various than a fig together you understand it due to the fact that they have actually a tart taste. You have the right to eat them raw however they can also be dried or made right into a jelly or jam.

11. Hazelnut

You will certainly be surprised to learn that yes, a hazelnut is considered a fruit indigenous the hazel tree. They room super tasty and can be eaten raw or mixed up right into something delicious like a cacao hazelnut spread.

12. Huito Fruit

The huito fruit has a gorgeous blue color. The shade is for this reason beautiful the the huito is provided for organic dyes. This is one exotic, dry fruit that has a bitterness taste.

13. Himalayan Mulberry

These mulberries space from the Himalayan mountains and also can be uncovered in India and China. Lock are an extremely hardy and also have a exorbitant taste.

14. Hala Fruit

Hala fruit is creamy in texture and sweet in taste. The is usually consumed raw or blended right into drinks. The hala fruit looks a little like a huge pinecone or weird pineapple. It’s make of segments called cones, the within being pulpy when the outside is exceptionally fibrous.

15. Honeyberry

Honeyberries come indigenous the same household as honeysuckle. They are a beautiful blue berry the tastes prefer a cross in between a blueberry and also raspberry.

16. Hawthorn Fruit

Hawthorn fruit berries are tiny fruits that prosper on a shrub or tree. Commonly found in north America, Europe, and also Northern Asia. This edible berries have a tangy and tart taste through a note of sweetness. This berries are full of nutrition and have been provided as an herbal remedy for different conditions.

17. Hawaiian mountain Apple

This fruit grow on a tree in Hawaii, typically on the merganser side that the huge Island. It’s additionally known together a rose apple, Malay apple, or water apple.

The Hawaiian mountain apple has actually a shiny, waxy red skin and is bell shaped. A ripe mountain apple is very juicy and has a sweet taste.

18. Hog Plum

Hog plums, spondias mombin, room a yellow, edible fruit the are indigenous to the tropical Americas.

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This drupe fruits are plum-like and also typically prosper to about 1.5-inches in length.