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There room 232 calories in 4 ounces of boneless, cooked, skinless Chicken Thigh (Skin no Eaten).
Calorie breakdown: 49% fat, 0% carbs, 51% protein.

Other usual Serving Sizes:Serving SizeCalories
1 oz, v bone (yield ~ cooking, bone and skin removed) 25
1 oz, through bone raw, there is no skin (yield after cooking, bone removed) 29
1 oz boneless (yield after cooking, skin removed) 35
1 cubic inch boneless, cooked, skin removed 35
1 oz, with bone cooking (yield ~ bone and also skin removed) 39
1 oz boneless, raw, without skin (yield after ~ cooking) 39
1 oz, through bone cooked, without skin (yield after bone removed) 43
1 oz boneless, cook (yield after ~ skin removed) 52
1 oz boneless, cooked, skinless 58
1 small (yield after cooking, bone and skin removed) 95
1 tool (yield after ~ cooking, bone and skin removed) 108
1 large (yield ~ cooking, bone and also skin removed) 145
100 g 207
1 cup cooked, diced 279
Related species of Chicken Thighs:
Fried Chicken Thigh No Coating
Roasted Broiled or small Chicken Thigh (Skin Eaten)
Chicken Thigh Meat (Broilers or Fryers)
Chicken Thigh
Roasted Broiled or baked Chicken Thigh
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Related varieties of Chicken:
Chicken Breast
Chicken Wing
Chicken Drumstick
Chicken (Skin no Eaten)
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Chicken Thigh Meat (Broilers or Fryers, Roasted, Cooked)
Grilled Chicken (Skin not Eaten)
Chicken Thigh (Skin Eaten)
Chicken Thigh Meat (Broilers or Fryers, Stewed, Cooked)
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