Use this calculator to convert your hourly wage to one equivalent yearly income. Numbers are additionally given because that weekly pay and also monthly pay.

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How to calculate your annual salary

To recognize your yearly salary, take her hourly wage and multiply that by the variety of paid hrs you job-related per week and also then by the number of paid mainly you job-related per year.

annual salary = hourly wage × hrs per mainly × weeks per year

for guidance, a standard working week for a permanent employee is roughly 40 hours. Keep in mind that if girlfriend take two weeks of unpaid leave per year, your variety of weeks will certainly be 50, fairly than 52.

Example annual salary calculation

together an example, if you make $15 per hour and also are paid for functioning 40 hrs per week because that 52 weeks every year, your annual salary (pre-tax) will be 15 × 40 × 52 = $31,200. ~ above a side-note, if you desire to work out your hours and earnings because that a provided week, offer the time map calculator a try.


using this formula, we have the right to calculate the following yearly incomes from an easy hourly pay. It's essential to remember the these figures are pre-tax.

Hourly pay to annual salary

Hourly salary Weekly salary (40 hrs) Monthly salary (avg) yearly salary (52 weeks)
$10 every hour$400$1,733.33$20,800
$11 every hour$440$1,906.67$22,880
$12 per hour$480$2,080.00$24,960
$13 per hour$520$2,253.33$27,040
$14 per hour$560$2,426.67$29,120
$15 every hour$600$2,600.00$31,200
$16 every hour$640$2,773.33$33,280
$17 per hour$680$2,946.67$35,360
$18 every hour$720$3,120.00$37,440
$19 every hour$760$3,293.33$39,520
$20 every hour$800$3,466.67$41,600
$21 per hour$840$3,640.00$43,680
$22 every hour$880$3,813.33$45,760
$23 every hour$920$3,986.67$47,840
$24 every hour$960$4,160.00$49,920
$25 every hour$1,000$4,333.33$52,000
$26 per hour$1,040$4,506.67$54,080
$27 every hour$1,080$4,680.00$56,160
$28 per hour$1,120$4,853.33$58,240
$29 per hour$1,160$5,026.67$60,320
$30 per hour$1,200$5,200.00$62,400


What is the US median salary?

The mean - or center - weekly pay because that a us worker in 2021 is $989. This works out at $51,428 per year based ~ above 52 main (Bureau of job Statistics). There is quiet much sex inequality in earnings, however. Whilst men have median revenue of $1089, women have actually median weekly revenue of $900 (82.6% the the number for men). And also it goes without saying that salaries vary significantly by occupation and state, as well as other factors.

Saving in the direction of a goal

If you're calculating your yearly value as part of a jae won planning process in bespeak to save towards a goal, you can use our compound attention calculator come see exactly how your savings could increase over time with the help of interest.

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