Im curious come why over there is therefore much dispute over relationships with large age gaps.I have actually been v my friend for simply over a year, we are really happy and also both family members are extremely supportive.Last week i was challenged by a females in her mid 40"s, that told me and my boyfriend us were disgusting and also that ns was being "groomed".Why is something choose this frowned upon? ( im interested to see parent responses )

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There space 10 years between my mum and dad and they met at around the same period as you and also are quiet together. The does it seems ~ a little bit strange come me despite just because when ns think exactly how I to be at 17/18 and also how ns was 10 years later on I to be a entirely different person and also I couldn"t imagine wanting come be v someone 10 years younger in ~ 27, lock would have seemed like a boy to me (no offense!!) xx

Im curious come why there is for this reason much conflict over relationship with big age gaps.I have been through my friend for simply over a year, us are really happy and both families are extremely supportive.Last week i was faced by a women in her mid 40"s, that told me and my boyfriend we were disgusting and that i was gift "groomed".Why is something like this frowned upon? ( im interested to view parent responses )
I"m writing as a parental of mostly grown increase children, together an 18 year old you room an adult and also I would have no difficulties with my girls date an older man at this age, any kind of younger and also I not think I would certainly be so happy about it.As previous person says I uncover it complicated to know though, due to the fact that as a teenager everyone in your twenties was old to me.Understanding and also acceptance are 2 different things though x


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It counts on the people. Mine hubby is 14 years older than me, met him once I to be 20, us were friends for ages and also in relationship which both ended within a year, we realised we were pretty perfect because that each other. Yet I always said come him had actually I met him any type of younger i wouldn"t have actually been interested, i would have thought that was too old lol! all my household condemned my connection with the till they got to understand him (took about a year), ns think it"s a security thing, favor he has actually preyed top top you and you are yet a helpless victim of his life experience. In all honesty speaking as a 27 year old, if one of my mates was dating an 18 year old, I"d be a large hypocrite and also think it to be wrong, purely because in possession at 18 also though i was mature I had actually a lot of to learn in life and also it"s a bumpy road till you"ve cleared up into life. Just enjoy it, its just a number and also do what you feeling is right, us all have opinions, I"ve claimed mine honestly and will accept that the is hypocritical, but I"d never ever make a rude comment around anyone"s relationship. It"s what you 2 have in between you and also age will certainly never adjust that! sent out from my iPhone using