Fuse crate diagram (fuse layout), location and also assignment that fuses and also relays Chevrolet Impala IX (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in your car are safeguarded from quick circuits by a combination of fuses and circuit breakers. This significantly reduces the opportunity of fires brought about by electric problems.

Look in ~ the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the tape is broken or melted, change the fuse. Be certain you change a negative fuse with a new one that the the same size and rating.


Before instead of a fuse inspect that the vital has been removed from the ignition and that every the solutions are switched off and/or disengaged.Do no repair fuses and also never change a swollen fuse through one that has a greater amp rating. This can reason damage come the electric system and fire.Never change a broken fuse v anything various other than a brand-new fuse. Use constantly an intact fuse the the very same color.If a fuse blows again call a qualified company center.Don’t include anything electric to your auto unless you examine with her dealer first. Some electric equipment can damage your vehicle or can keep other materials from functioning as lock should.
Passenger Compartment Fuse crate Diagram

The fuse block is located on the passenger’s next of the auto under the instrument panel.



№AProtected Component
110Automatic Transmission transition Lock manage Solenoid (with Floor Shifter), within Rearview Mirror, Sunroof Motor
225Audio Amplifier
310Evaporative emission (EVAP) Canister Vent Solenoid
410Rear Compartment Lid release Actuator
520Accessory power Outlet - (Center Seat, center Console 1, facility Console 2, center Console Compartment)
610Digital Radio Receiver
710Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), inflatable Restraint front Passenger Presence mechanism (PPS) Module
820Heated Seat regulate Module, Emergency car Rear Compartment Lid Lamps Relay
920Sunroof Motor
102Outside Rearview winter Switch
1115 -
1225Door Locks
Circuit Breaker
CB125Power Window
CB225Power Seats
R2Rear Compartment Lid release Actuator
Non-Serviceable relays
R3Power Door Lock (Lock)
R4Driver Door Lock Actuator (Unlock)
R5Power Door Lock (Unlock)

Underhood Fuse box Diagram


№AProtected Component
110Power Drop, Crank
215except 3.6L: Fuel Pump and Sender Assembly
310Body manage Module (BCM), Ignition Switch, Theft Deterrent Module (TDM)
410Body regulate Module (Interior Lamps)
510Instrument Panel swarm (IPC), HVAC regulate Module, blow up Restraint Passenger air Bag On/Off Indicator, inflatable Restraint Sensing and also Diagnostic Module (SDM)
610Body regulate Module (Back-Up Lamp, facility High Mount prevent Lamp)
715Body manage Module (Interior Lamps, panel Dimmer Switch)
82Steering Wheel Controls
910 -
1010Data connect Connector (DLC), Remote manage Door Lock recipient (RCDLR), tool Panel cluster (IPC), HVAC control Module
1110Vehicle communication Interface Module (VCIM (OnStar))
12- -
1315Engine manage Module (ECM), electronic Throttle Control
1410A/C Compressor Clutch
15203.5L (LZE, LZ4), 3.9L (LZ9, LZG, LGD, LZG): Fuel Injectors
205.3L (LS4): Fuel Injectors (1-3-5-7), Ignition Coils (1-3-5-7)
153.6L (LFX): Fuel Injectors
1615Secondary wait Injection Pump Solenoid Relay
1715Engine regulate Module (ECM), infection ControlModule (TCM)
1915Heated Oxygen Sensors, Evaporative emission (EVAP) Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
2025 -
2110Engine regulate Module (ECM), Ignition
22203.5L (LZE, LZ4), 3.9L (LZ9, LZG, LGD, LZG): Ignition regulate Module
205.3L (LS4): Fuel Injectors (2-4-6-8), Ignition Coils (2-4-6-8)
153.6L (LFX): Ignition control Module
2320 -
2415Mass Air flow (MAF)/Intake wait Temperature (IAT) Sensor, Valve Lifter Oil Manifold (VLOM) Assembly, secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump Relay (SS), an additional Air Injection (AIR) Solenoid Relay (SS), A/C Compressor Clutch Relay, Cooling pan Relay №1, Cooling fan Relay №2, Cooling fan Relay №3
25203.6L (LFX): Brake Booster Pump (Vacuum Pump)
2710Heated Mirror
2815Right spot Lamp
2925Accessory strength Outlets
3010Body control Module (Regulated Voltage control Sensor)
3115Body manage Module (Passenger Side revolve Signal Lamp)
3210Driver side Parking desk lamp (Marker, Park/Turn Signal Lamp, Tail Lamp, Tail/Stop and Turn Signal)
3315Left clues Lamp
3430 -
3615Body control Module (Driver Side rotate Signal Lamp)
3710Passenger side Parking lamp (Marker, Park/Turn Signal Lamp, Tail Lamp, Tail/Stop and Turn Signal)
3815 -
39153.6L (LFX): Fuel System manage Module
4010Left Headlamp (Low Beam)
4115Headlamp Module 
4215except 3.6L: Windshield Washer fluid Pump
4315Daytime running Lamps
4410Right Headlamp (Low Beam)
4515Daytime running Lamps
4615Front Fog Lamps
4710Left Headlamp (High Beam)
48153.6L (LFX): Windshield Washer liquid Pump
5010Right Headlamp (High Beam)
5130Blower Motor control Module
5260Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
5360Antilock Brake mechanism (ABS) Motor
5560Secondary waiting Injection Pump Relay
5660Antilock Brake device (ABS) Motor
5740Rear window Defogger
5860Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
5930Cooling pan Relay №1
6030Cooling fan Relay №2, Cooling pan Relay №3
6150 -
R1except 3.6L: Fuel Pump
3.6L (LFX): Brake Booster Pump (Vacuum Pump)
R2A/C Compressor
R4Powertrain control Module (PCM) / Engine control Module (ECM)
R5Rear home window Defogger
R6 -
R7Cooling fan (№3)
R8Cooling pan (№2)
R9Cooling fan (№1)
Non-Serviceable relays
R11Parking Lamps
R13Wiper (High Speed)
R14Headlamp (Low Beam)
R15Daytime to run Lamps
R16Headlamp (High Beam)
R17Windshield Washer fluid Pump
R18Front Fog Lamps

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