Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and also assignment that fuses and relays Chevrolet Malibu (LS, LT, LTZ, 1LT, 2LT) (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in your auto are defended from short circuits by a mix of fuses, circuit breakers, and also fusible links. This significantly reduces the opportunity of damage caused by electric problems.

Look in ~ the silver-colored tape inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, change the fuse. Be certain to change a poor fuse v a brand-new one of the the same size and also rating.


Before instead of a fuse check that the an essential has been removed from the ignition and also that all the solutions are switched turn off and/or disengaged.Do no repair fuses and also never replace a puffy fuse v one that has actually a greater amp rating. This can cause damage come the electric system and fire.Never replace a broken fuse through anything other than a brand-new fuse. Use always an undamaged fuse of the same color.If a fuse blows again contact a qualified business center.

There are three fuse block in your vehicle: one in the center of the instrument panel, one in the engine compartment and one in the trunk. Over there is a fuse puller situated on the instrument panel fuse block. It can be used to easily remove fuses native the fuse block.

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The instrument panel fuse block is located on the passenger next of the vehicle, ~ above the lower portion of the instrument panel near the floor. Remove the dashboard cover to accessibility the fuse block, and also then eliminate the fuse block cover to access the fuses.



№AProtected Component
115Body manage Module (Door Locks)
210Body manage Module (Interior Lamps)
32Steering Wheel Controls
4102008: Adjustable Pedals Module, adjustable Pedals place Switch
510Vehicle interaction Interface Module (VCIM (OnStar))
62Outside Rearview winter Switch
710Heated Seat control Module (Driver/Passenger), heated Seat switch (Driver/Passenger), inside Rearview Mirror, Sunroof manage Module
8- -
9- -
1010Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch
11- -
122Power Steering control Module
1330Power Windows
1410Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)
152A/T change Lock manage Assembly, Cruise control On/Off Switch, Passenger Airbag standing Indicator
16- -
1710Heating Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC) regulate Module
18- -
1920Heating Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC) Blower Switch
2010Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)
2110Audio System
222Ignition Switch
2310Data attach Connector (DLC), heater Ventilation Air air conditioning (HVAC) manage Module
2410Instrument panel Cluster, Theft Deterrent regulate Module
R1Blower Motor
Relay (Non-Serviceable)
R2Power Door Lock (Lock)
R3Power Door Lock (Unlock)
R4Driver Door Lock Actuator (Unlock)
R5Interior Lamps
Back Side


R1Accessory (Power Window, Sunroof, boil Seat, Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch)
R2Run (Heating Ventilation Air air conditioning (HVAC))

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The engine compartment fuse block is situated on the driver side of the engine compartment, near the battery.


№AProtected Component
110Air air conditioning Compressor Clutch Relay
215Engine regulate Module (ECM)
3103.5L (LZ4, LZE): Engine manage Module (ECM)
102.4L (LAT): Generator Battery Disconnect regulate Module, Starter Generator control Module (SGCM)
4101-2 change Solenoid Valve, 2-3 change Solenoid Valve, 4-3 shift Solenoid Valve, torque Convertor Clutch Pulse width Modulation (TCC PWM) Solenoid Valve, Transmission regulate Module (TCM)
5103.6L (LY7): Mass Air flow (MAF)/Intake waiting Temperature (IAT) Sensor
202.4L (LAT): Starter Generator regulate Module (SGCM) Coolant Pump, Heater Coolant Pump
610Evaporative emissions (EVAP) Canister Purge Solenoid Valve, cook Oxygen (HO2S) Sensors, massive Air circulation (MAF)/Intake wait Temperature (IAT) Sensor (2.4L (LAT, LE5, LE9))
710Left Headlamp (Low Beam)
815Horn Relay
910Right Headlamp (Low Beam)
1015Front Fog desk lamp Relay
1110Left Headlamp (High Beam)
1210Right Headlamp (High Beam)
13102.4L (LAT, LE5, LE9), 3.6L (LY7): Engine control Module (ECM), Telematic car Localization and also Immobilization control Module
1425Wiper 1 Relay, Wiper 2 Relay, Windshield Wiper engine Assembly
1510ABS (Electronic Brake control Module (EBCM))
16102.4L (LAT, LE5, LE9), 3.6L (LY7): Engine manage Module (ECM), Telematic auto Localization and also Immobilization manage Module
1730Cooling pan Relay №1
1830Cooling fan Relay №2
403.6L (LY7 - 2012): Cooling pan Relay №2
1930Blower Motor regulate Module, Blower engine Relay, "RUN" Relay
2030Body control Module (BCM), Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "20", "21", "22", "23", "24"
2130Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "12", "14", "15"
2260Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "10", "13", "14", "16", "17", "20", "23"
2360Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "1", "2", "5", "6", "22", "25"
2460ABS (Electronic Brake regulate Module (EBCM))
2550Body regulate Module, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "1", "2", "5", "6", Accessory Relay
2630Starter Relay
41802.4L (LE5, LE9, LAT): Power Steering regulate Module
4210Transmission control Module
43153.6L (LY7): Fuel injectors (ODD), Ignition Coil/Modules (ODD)
152.4L (LE5 or LE9): Ignition Coils
153.5L (LZ4, LZE): Ignition control Module
44153.6L (LY7): Fuel Injectors (EVEN), Ignition Coil Modules (EVEN)
102.4L (LE5, LE9, LAT), 3.5L (LZ4, LZE): Fuel Injector
45103.5L (LZ4, LZE), 3.6L (LY7): Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) financial institution 1 Sensor 2, cook Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) bank 2 Sensor 2
4615Daytime running Light Relay
4710Stop lamp Relay
5020Power Window
51102.4L (LAT): Starter Generator manage Module (SGCM)
103.5L (LZ4, LZE): Engine regulate Module (ECM)
5210Secondary air Injection (AIR) Pump Relay
20Transmission Auxiliary liquid Pump manage Module
545Body manage Module (Regulated Voltage Control)
152.4L (LAT): Body regulate Module (Regulated Voltage Control)
5530DC/AC Inverter
5630ABS (Electronic Brake control Module (EBCM))
5720 -
28Cooling pan (№1 (Left))
29Cooling Fan
30Cooling pan (№2 (Right))
31Starter Motor
32Run/Crank (Ignition)
33Engine manage Module (ECM)
34Air air conditioning Compressor Clutch
35Headlamp (High Beam)
36Front Fog Lamp
38Headlamp (Low Beam)
39Wiper (№1)
40Wiper (№2 - Windshield Wiper Motor)
48Daytime running Light
49Stop Lamp
53Secondary waiting Injection (AIR) Pump
Transmission Auxiliary fluid Pump manage Module
27Wiper 1 Relay, Wiper 2 Relay

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box

The rear compartment fuse block is situated in the trunk of the vehicle. Access the fuse block with the trunk panel on the driver next of the behind cargo area.



№AProtected Component
130Passenger chair Controls
230Driver chair Controls
3- -
4- -
510Evaporative emissions (EVAP) Canister Vent Solenoid Valve
610Park Lamps Relay (Body control Module (BCM), license Lamps, Park/Turn Signal Lamps, Tail Lamps, Tail/Stop and also Turn Signal Lamps), Instrument panel Dimming
7- -
8- -
925Sunroof regulate Module, Sunroof shade Module
1015Sunroof regulate Module
11- -
12- -
1325Audio Amplifier
1415Heated seat Controls
15- -
167.5Digital Radio Receiver, Garage Door Opener Transmitter, Remote manage Door Lock recipient (RCDLR)
1710Back-Up Lamps Relay
18- -
19- -
2020Cigar Lighter, Auxiliary strength Outlet (Console or Front)
21- -
2210Trunk release Relay
2330Rear window Defogger
2410Heated Mirrors
2515Fuel Pump Relay
26Rear home window Defogger, boil Mirrors
27Park Lamps (Back-Up Lamps, Body regulate Module (BCM), Garage Door Opener Transmitter, HVAC manage Module, patent Lamps, Park/Turn Signal Lamps, Tail Lamps, Tail/Stop and Turn Signal Lamps)
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
32 -
33Back-Up Lamps, inside Rearview Mirror
34 -
35 -
36Trunk Release
37Fuel Pump
38Trunk Release

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