Hey there, Honda lovers! this particular day I’m walking to display you exactly how to reset the oil life or maintenance light, and this is on a Honda CR-V. We simply recently had actually the oil change, and they forgot to reset the indicator percentage. So let me show you how to walk ahead and get this done.

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This little trick functions for quite much any kind of Honda car that supplies a maintain light. This maintenance compelled light is no a inspect engine light. The doesn’t typical that yes sir something an important going on through the engine or the electrical materials in her vehicle. So let’s dive ideal in.

While you holding the in you’re going to rotate the vehicle on without starting it upKeep holding the in for about ten seconds and your maintenance compelled light will go off

2007-2011 Honda CR-V

Alright, this is a 2011 honda CRV all-wheel drive, and also I’m walk to display you how to reset the oil life in this car. We’re going come be making use of the knob below on the dash, and also I’m going to need the ignition key as well. Therefore let’s gain into the automobile to try to execute it.

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First, insert the vital and revolve it to place 2We’re not going to be starting the automobile up, for this reason you just rotate the key until you gain to accessory modeGet the OIL LIFE screenThen we’re walking to push the choose knob top top the dash and if you’re no on her oil life make sure you’re ~ above the display that claims Oil LifeHold under the knobNext, friend press and also hold the pick knob for around 10 secondsRotate the knobOnce that does, you’ll see it says oil life and cancel top top it and also you’re going to rotate this little knob it rotates the Oil Life indigenous is flashingPress the knob onceAfter that, you’re going to press the switch one time and also now you will do it see everything is flashing thereDepress the knobTo reset that we’re simply going to press it one an ext time and hold that for 5 seconds and also the oil life will certainly reset come 100%
So over there you go, a pair of tips and tricks because that the day. We have actually reset the warning light, so now I’m going to turn the automobile off and also do everyday things. Anyway, many thanks for protecting against by, and have a good day.

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