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i have actually a 2010 focus and also im trying come recharge mine a/c does any type of one know where the harbor is? i thought it would certainly be in the same location as 2009 yet it is not does any one know?
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no one knows why does ford have to change things so much, and also of course you i do not know look it up online its no there.

Low side harbor comes turn off of the compressor and also goes into the evaporator core and also the High side port sits ideal on peak of the accumulator......

Low side harbor comes off of the compressor and also goes into the evaporator core and also the High side port sits ideal on top of the accumulator......

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NO, entirely opposite. The accumulator is constantly on the suction side (LP) due to the fact that it accumulates the gaseous refrigerant so the it becomes much more liquid before being put back into the compressor. The high push side always goes come the evaporator since it"s the state of matter adjust from fluid to gas- high come low press in the evaporator the creates cooler temps. In earlier Foci the HP port was up close to the condenser/radiator in the former radiator support alongside the passenger headlight. The low press port to be over top top the accumulator under the passenger fender, type of underneath the headlight. You had actually to at least partially eliminate the passenger within fender well to access it. If Ford made decision to make it easier to fee these solution you could find a short side port on the firewall wherein it pipeline the evaporator, or somewhere poking through from under the fender behind the headlight. I doubt that device has adjusted all the much because most changes were cosmetic to keep expenses down. My following question, ns hope you"ll answer, is why execute you think you must recharge her AC? I"m details that if friend haven"t found the harbor then you haven"t checked to check out what your existing suction press is, and if you have a leak- it would be pertinent come repair that leak before recharging- right? Finally, ns hope you establish that push = temperature in F (basically) for this reason if your air has actually not leaked, but is not cold- climate your problem might very well be too much refrigerant. Adding refrigerant come an currently full mechanism will develop extremely high head pressure which have the right to shorten the compressor life as well as giving you also hotter air. This is why ns make it a point to remind world that you need to do things correctly as soon as it pertains to AC systems. Correctly way getting some kind of pressure readings at least from the low side- also if you use one of those cans the come with a gauge ~ above it. Girlfriend must gain these readings v the AC ~ above max (recirc in ours cars), blower top top high, and also engine idling. You should also note your ambient temperature in F as that affect the pressure of the refrigerant. There are other things besides also overcharging or short refrigerant that can cause these car to have actually hot air instead of cold because of exactly how the heater core works.
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