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I require to readjust the oil on my 08 Jetta 2.5First is castrol leaf syntec 5w-40 the correct oil, it is what the dealer uses exactly how much perform oil do I need? around 6 quarts native what i have actually been readingIs a mobile 1 filter a an excellent filter to use, or should i usage MANN filter?Thank you

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That"s the right oil. Some I recognize do favor using the Castrol europe formula i m sorry is 0W-30 i believe. As far as filter goes I understand there is sometimes discussion here between my VW friends and also I. I usage Fram and also have never had actually a problem. Mine friend supplies OEM just as purchased native the dealer (which I believe is Mann). As far as oil quantity, I think the Bentley hands-on says something various than what civilization feel is the 100% accurate variety of 6.2-6.3L i believe. Worst component of law the 2.5L oil readjust is all the damn oil it takes! :banghead: Hope that helps.

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Castrol European? Mobil1 is the only Euro formula I recognize of and also it"s 0W-40. Actually just put the in mine last weekend. I like it so far. The key thing come look for is the VW 502 spec. I recognize some can argue that"s not important yet it"s quiet a safe inspect to have. The hands-on says 5w-40 but 0W-40 is entirely fine too.As for the quantity I gained by fine through 6qts. In reality I can be a small over full (oops!) however my dipstick is being odd so I"m not sure.
Castrol 5w40 complete syn 6.3 quartsVW branded Mann filter This is dealer/manufacturer spec.Though many filters (within reason) are made the same. Its a material/fabric that traps particles of dirt. No too much that have the right to be upgraded on their design. And also manufacturers oil change interval of 10k is retarded. Adjust it once it looks dirty. Every 3k-5k miles.Sent from my VS910 4G making use of Tapatalk
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