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Does anyone here have an authoritative referral for the *total* volume of the auto tranny in a 2009 Corolla S. Ns think it"s a u341e.I have an net copy the the FSM ns bought native ebay and also can"t discover anything in that regard. The OM simply offers the drain and fill information for capacity (2.6 united state quarts).But what I"m searching for is the full capacity that the transmission.

Does anyone here have actually an authoritative referral for the *total* volume of the auto tranny in a 2009 Corolla S. I think it"s a u341e.I have actually an internet copy of the FSM i bought indigenous ebay and also can"t find anything in the regard. The OM simply gives the drain and also fill details for capacity (2.6 united state quarts).But what I"m in search of is the full capacity of the transmission.
When I"ve done my drainpipe & filling it came around to around 3.2 qts (actually measured). Every Amsoil full capacity is 6.9 qts.

Thanks for the Amsoil reference. I"d really like a Toyota reference and also don"t know why that details is so tough to obtain.I"ve discovered that 2.5 quarts (US) functions perfectly for the 2009 Corolla with the small engine. We got the auto with 93k top top it and I"ve been an altering tranny fluid (drain and also fill) every various other oil readjust to acquire some fresh fluid in there. Yet without knowing the total, i can"t determine how countless D&Fs i wish to do.Based on 6.9 quarts complete system capacity and (in mine case) 2.5 Qts every drain and also fill, I find I"ll require 5 fluid changes to get around 90% fresh fluid in the system. Here"s a display shot of mine spreadsheet.Lol. ~ 20 changes, I"ll have to go come 4 decimal places to watch something other than zeros in some of the fields.
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Everytime I"ve changed the fluid it takes over 3 quarts to fill to the ideal level. I"m sure few of this relies on the edge of the vehicle when you drainpipe it and how lot you permit "drip out" over time.

Everytime I"ve adjusted the liquid it takes end 3 quarts to fill to the appropriate level. I"m sure few of this depends on the edge of the vehicle when you drain it and how much you allow "drip out" over time.
What year Corolla? The OM the I have actually for the 2009 Corolla calls because that 2.6 us quarts because that a drain and also fill because that the 1.8 l engine.
Last readjust was with the vehicle sitting ~ above the wheel in my garage which has a really slight rear slope (for drainage, i suppose). Otherwise, I adjust it v the auto sitting on 4 jackstands... Therefore basically equivalent to sitting on the wheel in my garage. Everything slope exists need to be the same.
I have found the OM to it is in correct, I change my ATF every year.If you are a bit leary choose I was an initial time, purchase 3L that Toyota WS-ATF as it will certainly be more than sufficient to replenish. Then on level ground drainpipe the ATF right into a container and measure the volume. Everything comes out is the lot you have to put back in. Simple as that.
"09 Corolla CE magnified Auto
TRD Springs/Sway/Xrs FSB by YamahaLifetime : 6.111L/100km(38.761mpgUS)Maximum: 5.082L/100km(46.287mpgUS)(manually calculated) (original unflashed manufacturing facility ECM code)
Double checked my manual and it reflects 3.1 qts, slightly much less than ns remembered. Strange. However as Leanburn stated, measure amount drained & change with same. Mine has constantly started and ended with complete on the stick.
As i said earlier (and ~ 2 drain and also fill operations), 2.5 united state quarts is what it takes to go back to the complete line on mine 2009 Corolla (which is very close to the OM spec that 2.6 quarts).So if you have a various year Corolla, the spec may be different.

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Mine is a 2009. Mine OM looks as with the one pictured bystvotw. I have actually no idea whereby the others are acquiring their information.
"09 Corolla CE magnified Auto
TRD Springs/Sway/Xrs FSB by YamahaLifetime : 6.111L/100km(38.761mpgUS)Maximum: 5.082L/100km(46.287mpgUS)(manually calculated) (original unflashed factory ECM code)
This is very interesting. I found that if I put in 2 qts 22 oz (2.7 qts) it to be uncomfortably overfilled top top the dipstick, even after driving it a significant distance. I ended up draining around 6 oz after driving it for a while favor that. So at the second drain and fill, I placed in 2.5 united state qts and it hit the complete mark appropriate on the money and also stays there after driving it fairly a bit. I can"t imagine putting in 3.1 qts. I confess the the picture I posted over is native the digital copy that the OM. I"ll look in ~ the actual file copy and also verify the information. I"ll watch very closely next time I do a D&F. I document everything, therefore I try to be very thorough.Edit: here"s a pic indigenous the record copy that the OM:
I"m at a loss how to explain how one calls because that 3.1 qts and also another calls for 2.6 qts. How is the possible? Forum is a community dedicated to every Toyota models. Come discuss the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and also more!
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