My AVEO 2010 host light blink at around 90 come 100 rate at that speed running great but when I come back second or third gear (auto gear ) it have the right to not come in fourth gear till i switch off and also again start can any kind of one assist me in this situation please

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I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo. The organize light has come on two times since I have actually owned the vehicle. The an initial time at about 37,000 (just the end of warranty)the car started running very poorly. The examine engine light come on and the hold light blinking. At first I thought it was a infection problem, It to be NOT. The problem with this gem the a vehicle is the the spark plugs have to be changed by 35,000 miles. The check engine irradiate was due to the ignition coil load being negative (cylinder 3) All 4 need to be replaced at once. After instead of the coil fill (now costs about $100 at the dealership)and plugs the check engine irradiate went out and also the host light went out. This was very easy repair. I walked mine 13 year old daughter v the repair.The second time the organize light go on was about a mainly ago. I now have around 52,000 miles. The light come on because that no evident reason. The only unusual thing that taken place was that ns accidentally spun the tires in the rain just before the light come on. The owners manual will tell you to bring it in asap because there might be severe problems. Ns couldn't think i was having another major problem (there to be no examine engine light on this time) mine guess was the the rotate of the tires could have had something to carry out with leading to the organize light to go on and blink. What i did to be disconnect the battery end night in an attempt to reset the light. That worked, i have not watched the irradiate come ago on in over a week. Ns drive around 50 miles a work on the highway as well as stop and go traffic. Ill call that a win.These lamp come on because that a reason, if the light comes back on i will be to plan on taking it in come a infection specialist. I am not trying come say friend should neglect your lights however sometimes a small effort prior to taking it into your mechanic have the right to save girlfriend a bunch the money. I just wanted to share what ns did through you all. Likewise you deserve to have your check engine codes check out my numerous auto part stores typically at no charge.I would never ever buy another Aveo or recommend one come anyone. In mine opinion they room poorly made vehicles. I guess ns should have guessed that any kind of vehicle with a 3 year 36k mile warranty has actually such a brief warranty because that a reason! ns hope ns could help someone through my experience.
Hello everyone: Well, my hold light came on and also the factor why the light came on is due to the fact that when you placed the gear shift down to turning back or to drive, over there is a hold switch that deserve to be accidentally pressed. What you have the right to do is to make certain that her hand or fingers are not touching that switch when you change in automatic. If you have actually a manual transmission, then the Hold switch can be conveniently pressed when you transition gears.If you have further problems with that, you will have to take it come the dealership (actual Chevrolet dealership and tell them what the trouble is). It might be as simple as instead of the gear shift. If that is the case, climate you will gain 4 keys instead of 2. Once you purchase the car, you obtained 2 keys, one for the actual vehicle set, and the 2nd one as emergency. When my gear shift problem happened to me 3 time in 3 months time, the final time once it got replaced, i had obtained 4 keys and had to number out which people were because that the doors and which ones were for the ignition/engine.So, in this case, the is the gear shift problem that is telling you the the Hold button has either to be pressed, or your gear transition has died or is about to die.If friend still see the hold switch lighting up, you re welcome take it to the dealership. That will expense you close to $400.00 or for this reason to acquire it replaced entirely.Good luck! additionally if you have actually a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on any type of vehicle, girlfriend should get it extended for another year or so...and you can pay increase front as soon as you buy the automobile for that expanded warranty. Because you never know after the 3rd year the the year that things will go bad.Good luck! hope this helps.
Remove the terminals from the battery and touch castle both with each other for about 10 sec. That will reset the system. Then remove your intake valve and also spray some fuel injection cleaner. The car will sound like it desire to turn off yet that is fine. Then journey it best after. That have to solve your problem. I have an 09 Chevy aveo and that fixed that problem. Chevy auto transmissions are usually managed by the waiting intake and also that is what needs cleaning. Try it and see what happens
If the hold mode irradiate flashes indicates a malfunction in the automatic transmission. Take the vehicle to the Chevrolet Dealership.
MY AVEO IS law THE same THING - and THE ENGINE light IS ON.I took IT IN TO discover OUT IF the IS THE SPARK PLUGS - that COMES IN AN rally UNIT THAT expense 839.00 DOLLARS native AUTO ZONE. Hopefully IT IS THE SPARK PLUGS that WILL conserve ME 39.00
I guarantee you the spark plugs are not the answer. Ns went v the exact same thing through mine. Spent $100's make the efforts to figure out what was bring about the HOLD and also ENGINE irradiate to flash, then come the enlarge problems. 2nd gear gradually started walk out and also overdrive quit working all together. Hold light needs to do through the gears not shifting in the transmission, even says therefore in her cars manual. Also if the vehicle feels it is shifting, miscellaneous is no right. Hopefully you deserve to fix it prior to it quits on you. My transmission ended up having to it is in rebuilt. :(
My wife's 2009 Chevy Aveo has actually been a pretty good little auto for the last 4 years till she had actually a power problem going to occupational this week and blinking dash lamp (Engine and Hold blinking)! I checked out her job-related after her informing me it had actually a loss of power and would not enter high gear! ns drove the to mine mechanic and also thought for sure something was wrong through power and also the Transmission!!! I had it looked in ~ by my mechanic and an initial he readjusted the spark plugs, didn't resolve the problem. I had actually read on other sites some had actually same issues! we talked it over and also we both thought the coil load needed replacing and also he changed it and problem was solved! The coil fill was every one piece expense $180 and also the computer examine said it to be the #3 coil pack! that is running great no blinking lights and also trans move smooth no problems and also goes in to high equipment fine! My price was $180 coil load + 20 spark plugs add to $100 job + taxes $320 total!
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vapfs on respectable 16, 2015
I have a 2009 Aveo 5 LT through 48,000 miles. It's to be a great commuter car. When driving
70 mph. Top top cruise control all was fine but when ns disengaged cruise and within a mile, the engine started to misfire badly. The examine engine light come on and also when continuing to journey the "hold" light started to flash. Periodically both would certainly flash once on the highway accelerating and was very rough idling
stops. Ns took it to mine mechanic in ~ 15 mile of this starting to have actually it diagnosed. Diagnostic code analysis was P30302 ... #2 cylinder misfire. The very first questions were noticeable ... As soon as were the spark plugs readjusted and as soon as did i last to fill up v fuel. The plugs had less than a 100 miles since readjusted and to be clean. He inspected the coil pack and it to be ok. His initial assumed was contaminated fuel / clogged injector. He advised to add 2 cans (20 oz. Each) of Seafoam come the 1/2 tank the fuel remaining and also drive on open up highway until it to be empty. In law so, the did run better, however not great. Still had misfire
short rpm. And when passing. Engine light stayed on and also every-now-and-then the hold light would certainly flash.I decided to try anything I can to fix the problem before I allow the mechanic do a finish diagnoses on the automobile (as however he hadn't charged me a dime) however said it might be a straightforward issue costing $100 or therefore or something significant that he couldn't estimate. An initial i made decision to re-gap the plugs. Many "experts" imply to gap the plugs (copper)
40 mm; manufacture setups are between 37 - 43 mm. I originally collection them in ~ 40 however reset them to 38. The engine ran better, but not 100%. Then ns cleaned all relationships to the fuel injection and 0/2 sensors as well as the air circulation modulator. Again, better but still had a "dump" on tough acceleration. Then I replaced the waiting filter.HOLLY CRAP!!!!!! the was it!!!! Although it looked clean because that the most part, supposedly fine particles had gathered and minimal flow to the injector system. It has been 300+ miles now with no problems and car is running great.Although my answer is long, I just wanted come share my experience. There are a lot of negative comments about Aveos the end there but I've been an extremely satisfied with mine. I guess what I'm trying to convey below is, if this instance happens come you, try the basics first. Change / re-gap the spark plugs ($8.00), change the waiting filter ($10.00), clean all associated connections and also fittings ($0.00) and also if friend want, include 1 have the right to of Seafoan come 1/4 tank that gas and drive ~ above highway because that at least 50 mile ($12.00) to clean injectors .... Total $30.00. If the condition persists after ~ this change the coil fill ($140.00). This will certainly most most likely resolve the misfire problem.
My wife's 2009 Chevy Aveo has actually been a pretty an excellent little automobile for the last 4 years till she had actually a power difficulty going to work this week and also blinking dash lights (Engine and also Hold blinking)! I checked out her work after her telling me it had actually a lose of power and would not go into high gear! i drove that to my mechanic and thought for certain something was wrong with power and also the Transmission!!! I had it looked at by my mechanic and very first he changed the spark plugs, didn't deal with the problem. I had read on other sites some had same issues! we talked that over and also we both assumed the coil pack needed replacing and also he replaced it and also problem to be solved! The coil pack was all one piece expense $180 and also the computer inspect said it to be the #3 coil pack! it is running great no blinking lights and also trans move smooth no problems and also goes in to high gear fine! car has 113k miles! The price was $180 coil pack + $20 spark plugs, $100 labor plus tax complete $320
Hi everyone.I have actually a 2007 and also coming residence one work my car didn't desire to traction the hill.I assumed it to be the transmission yet it wasn't and also it wasn't the hold button one the the terminals had broke loose from sparkplug wire I changed them and also it journey fine because that a job or two.I request the guy at garage to order me a coilpack that solved the problem.However ns still have no idea what the hold switch is also there for could someone please tell me?As I have drove this auto since 2009 and also love it just need know purpose of the button
Since 2009 they have adjusted the thermostat, had actually a recall ~ above the spark plug shoe & plugs at 11000 miles. The organize light come on in ~ 12000 miles the dealership couldn't uncover the problem, it clears and restarts slipping ago to 2nd gear. The fuel pump went in ~ 22000 miles, currently at 26556 the organize light is flashing the button is no the problem and also it's stuck in 2nd gear and over heating. The prolonged warrenty is just about over and the dealership is trying to decide what is resulting in the problem prior to they readjust the transmission. Lets hope castle decide before the warrenty expires completely. Has anyone had troubles with the dealerships stalling come repair...
I just bought a 2009 Aveo with 115k miles because that $2,800. Ns drove it twice checked whatever I can think of and also it seemed legit. On my means to job-related last night i was turnjng the edge into my workplace and the organize light came on. Ns hope ns didn't purchase a lemon. I will certainly be sooo ticked! have the right to someone provide me part advice on what to execute please.
The host light flashing walk not constantly indicate troubles with the transmission. It's just trying to tell you that the transmission is being overriden by an additional system. In my case, the clean wait intake hose dried rotted and pollen had gathered in the throttle body, spanning the harbor for the throttle place sensor. A $3.99 bottle of throttle body cleaner, a toothbrush native the dollar store and also some an excellent duct ice cream to fix the clean waiting intake until I can find one under $70.00. Running favor new, no light and also shifting is perfect. All systems space inter-dependent nowadays. Start with basic and cheap and also work in the direction of the complex and expensive.
I had actually a 2005 aveo with a po300 misfire code v the host light and checking engine irradiate blinking I adjust spark plugs,coil,wires clean the throttle body,replace air filter and still to be blinking wouldn't go into overdrive went earlier and check over whatever I discovered the vacuum water tap from the valve cover to the input was absent put ~ above a brand-new hose tried it again and problem solved no much more blinking host light or checking engine light and also car shift fine and goes into overdrive so before spending money on all those parts inspect your vacuum hoses good it will conserve u a many money.

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I had a similar problem but not the scrape sound. It became a coolant thermostat malfunction. You can check an ext information here. Https://