The 2nd generation Hyundai Santa Fe was created in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. During this period, Santa Fe 2 underwent restyling and also facelift. In our article you will find a summary of the location of all electronic manage units and sensors, and also a designation that fuses and relays of the second generation Hyundai Santa Fe with box diagrams and photo instances of execution. Let’s to mark the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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Check the attributes of fuses and relays v your very own diagrams on the earlier of the security cover.

The wrong generation that Hyundai Santa Fe?

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3 Engine compartment


Locations the electronic manage units



ABS electronic manage unit – close to the brake boosterAir air conditioning / heater manage unit – in the air air conditioning / heater regulate panelSunlight sensor (air air conditioning system)Shock sensor (SRS), left.Shock sensor (SRS), rightSide impact sensor, driver’s next – B-pillarSide influence sensor, rear leftSide influence sensor, passenger side – B-pillarSide influence sensor, behind rightAnti-theft alarm horn – Left suspension strutAudio calculation Amplifier – Under SeatAccumulator batteryDiagnostic connector (DLC) 1 (16-pin)Diagnostic connector (DLC) 2 (20-pin) – near the brake boosterElectronic engine control unitElectronic manage unit for engine mountsEngine oil level manage unit – behind the facility of the dashboardFuse / relay box, engine compartment 1Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2Fuse / relay box, instrument panelHeater blower engine relay – in the under-dash fuse / relay boxHeater pan motor resistor (front) – behind the glove boxHeater blower engine resistor (with behind air conditioning) – right side that luggage compartmentHorn, lion.Sound signal, right.Electronic immobilizer regulate unit – top top the steering columnImmobilizer ring antenna – close to the ignition switch28 Multifunction manage unit – in the under-dash fuse / relay crate – functions: Air air conditioning / heater blower motor, anti-theft system, central locking, daytime running lights, heated door mirrors, completely locked, power windows, fog lights, peril warning lights, headlight washers, rear home window defogger, inner lamps, front dimensions, rear dimensions, windshield wiper / washerAmbient temperature sensorParking system manage unit – luggage compartment leftRear window wiper / washer control unit – C-pillarDriver’s chair heating control unit – under the seatPassenger chair Heating manage Unit – Under SeatSunroof motor control unit – in the sunroof motorSRS electronic regulate unitTransfer case control unit – next to the heater blower motorElectronic gearbox regulate unit (automatic transmission) – petrol – in the electronic engine manage unitElectronic gearbox control unit (automatic transmission) – Diesel – behind the gloves boxSelector and also / or ignition crucial lock control unitTransmission manage system relay 1Rain sensor (windshield wiper) ∕ sun sensorSide Displacement Sensor – Under Mat

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard behind the protective cover.




110A begin – Anti-theft system
230A p / WDW LH – Electro glass elevator left rear door
330A p / WDW RH ​​-Electro glass lift right rear door
420А S / ROOF – electric sunroof
530A p / chair – strength seat control unit
630А SAFATY PWR – Module electro glass lifts
710A MIRR HTD – control unit for mirrors
815A A / BAG 2 – Passive security system regulate unit, Airbags
915A A / BAG 1 – control unit because that passive safety system, Airbags
1010А ROOM LP – instrument cluster, lamps for plafonds for lighting the front doorways, lamps for interior lighting
1110A A / CON – Heating, wait conditioning and also ventilation manage unit
1225A S / WARMER – Driver and also front passenger seat heating switches
1330A ns / AMP – Audio amplifier
1415А ns / OUTLER CTR – Socket because that connecting additional equipment in the floor tunnel lining
1525A ns / OUTLET – Socket because that connecting added equipment in the luggage compartment
1615А C / LIGHTER – cigarette lighter
1720A DR / LOCK – main locking device of door locks
1810A A / BAG IND – instrument cluster
1910A ATM LOCK – Exterior irradiate switch lever, steering pillar position sensor, ESP switch
2010A T / SIG – alarm switch
2215A ADG PEDAL – Brake light switch
2315A peril – hazard switch, exterior light switch lever, body electrical manage unit, mirror regulate unit
2415А RR WIPER – rear door wiper
2610A A / CON SW – Heating, waiting conditioning and also ventilation regulate unit
2710А CLASTER – tool cluster, audio mechanism head unit, tire press monitoring module (depending on equipment)
2810A BCM 1 – human body ECM
2915A FUEL LID – Fuel filler lid lock actuator
3010А B / alarm HORN – Sound alarm of the anti-theft system
3115А RR A / CON – Heating, waiting conditioning and ventilation control unit
3210A RR FOG / BWS – Fog lamps
3310A IMS – Rain sensor
3410A AUDIO 2 – Audio device head unit, digital clock, mirror regulate unit
3530A BLOWER – wait blower
3615А prevent LP – Brake light switch
3720А DRL – Daytime to run lights
3810A BCM 3 – human body ECM
3915А CLOCK – Digital clock
4015A AUDIO 1 – Audio system head unit, digital clock
4110A ATM – inner lamps, luggage compartment lamp, instrument cluster
4310A BCM 2 – strength seat regulate unit

The fuse number 16 in ~ 15A is responsible because that the tobacco lighter. And for extr sockets – number 14 and 15.

Engine compartment

Main box

Located ~ above the left side of the engine compartment.

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Protected components

110A B / increase LP – speed ​​sensor, automatic transmission control unit
210А H / LP – Block headlights
310A ECU – Engine regulate unit, automatically transmission control unit
420А H / LP hi – High beam lamps
510А SENSOR – Immobilizer, fuel pump relay, heating, wait conditioning and ventilation mechanism relay
615А SENSOR – massive air circulation sensor, oxygen concentration sensors
720A IG COIL – Ignition coils
815A FUEL PUMP – Fuel pump
925А FR WIPER – Windscreen washer, rain sensor, windscreen wiper
1015А TCU – automatically transmission control unit
1110A ABS – Anti-lock brake mechanism (ABS) control unit
1210А COOLING – Heating, wait conditioning and ventilation system
1340А IGN – Ignition move (lock)
1415А SENSOR – Engine control unit, solenoid valves because that variable valve timing
1540A ECU main – Engine regulate unit
1610А TAIL LH – lamp of the left behind side light
17SPARE – Reserve
18SPARE – Reserve
19SPARE – Reserve
20SPARE – Reserve
21SPARE – Reserve
2210A FR FOG – Fog lamps
2350A B + – main fuse
2430А CON pan – Heating, air conditioning and ventilation system
2540А IGN – Ignition switch (lock), starter relay
2640A ABS – Anti-lock brake system (ABS) control unit
2740A RAD pan – engine cooling radiator fan
2820A ABS – Anti lock brake system (ABS) manage unit
2910A A / CON – Heating, air conditioning and also ventilation system
3020A ATM – body ECM, ECM, automatically Transmission regulate Module, Reversing Lights
3140A p / WDW – strength windows
3350A B + – Anti-theft alarm, strength seat regulate unit, fog lights, headlight washer
3410A TAIL RH – lamp of the appropriate rear next light
35125A DSL – Fuse block
3615A HORN – Sound signal
3740A BLR – The electric motor that the radiator fan of the engine cooling system
3815А H / LP LO LH – low beam desk lamp of the left headlamp unit
3910А H / LP hi IND – tool cluster
4010A ALT DSL – Generator
4115А deicer – Wind window blowing mode
4230A RR HTD – boil tailgate window
4415А H / LP LO RH – short beam lamp, ideal headlamp
45150A ALT – main fuse


R1ATM – turning back light relay
R2RAD fan – Radiator pan Motor Relay
R3FR FOG – Fog lamp relay
R4A / CON – Relay for heating, wait conditioning and also ventilation
R5A / CON – High beam lamp relay
R6ECU key – Engine control unit relay
R7START – Starter relay
R8CON fan – Relay because that heating, air conditioning and ventilation
R9CON fan – Relay because that heating, waiting conditioning and also ventilation
R10TAIL LP – next light pear relay
R11H / LP LO LH – Relay desk lamp dipped beam left headlamp
R12H / LP LO RH – Relay lamp dipped beam ideal headlamp
R13RR HTD – Relay for electrical heating that a home window of a door the a back
R14DEICER – Relay for blowing windshield
R15HORN – Horn relay
R16FR WIPER – Windshield washer relay
R17RAIN SNRS – Rain sensor relay
R18FUEL PUMP – Fuel pump relay

Additional box

It is installed mainly top top models through diesel engines.





GLOW PLUG FUSIBLE LINK80A light plug relay
FUEL FILTER HEATER30A Fuel filter heater relay
PTC HEATER #140A Heater relay PTC 1
PTC HEATER #240A Heater relay PTC 2
PTC HEATER #340A Heater relay PTC 3
R1Fuel filter heater relay
R2Heater relay PTC 2
R4Heater relay PTC 1
R5Heater relay PTC 3