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I to be trying to help my dad recharge his A/C system. I have actually a 2005 ZX3 and also know the low side harbor is behind the former passenger fender, yet he has actually a 2008 4 Door. I know starting with the 2008 models there was a finish redesign. I figured the short side port would still be in the same place, however I walk not discover it behind the splash guards. Walk anyone understand where to find the short side harbor on a 2008 Ford emphasis SE 4 Door Sedan?Thanks,Brian

It"s top top the passenger side and also it has a green cap ~ above it. Just look because that the silver- pipe with the green cap difficult up. It"s very easy to check out and really easy to obtain to, unequal the vault years. It"s also the just port the your gages/freon deserve to will fit. I traded in mine 08 so ns can"t gain you a picture.
Verify... Please
Digging increase an old thread, can anyone confirm one of these so that i have the right to recharge my emphasis . I also have a 2008 Focus and would like to understand which is the correct port. The one close to the passenger next on top has actually a black color cap on my model. Is this the low side? The nozzle walk fit because that recharge i would simply hate come pump away and also have it destructive it my car.
The two ports room purposely various sizes so the connector will certainly NOT right the wrong one. Come prevent people blowing fingers off and also such. If friend can"t obtain connector on you are on the not correct port.
Dunno, the simple one is typically up front and also the dorn one, or the one about condenser. Regularly the exactly one in ago by firewall. Counts on exactly how lines routed.
Digging increase this thread again together well. Have the right to anyone check the low-side port ar on a 2008 collection focus? A photo would be helpful. Dealer will certainly not administer the information.
2008 Ford focus A/C
My 2008 Ford focus SE: The A/C recharge installation is under the hood top top the passenger side. My vehicle A/C fitting has a black color cap & is situated 2 or 3 inches native the yellow lid on the windshield washer reservoir.

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If you have actually to include refrigerant....You have a leak, finest to obtain it figured out...Could it is in as basic as a O-ring. Then pull a vacuum on it because that 20 minutes to see if that fixed it or not.
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