How to perform an oil readjust on a 2013, 2014, 2015 Ford to escape 2.5, and also 2.0 or 1.6 Ecooboost engines. I'll cover Oil type, tools, and interval to make you a pro at an altering your oil.

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Oil readjust interval may be as much as one year or 10000 miles. The computer has a service recommendation based upon the critical time it was changed and how hard you've been driving.

The hand-operated recommends you never ever exceed 1 year or 10000 mile on one oil change. As soon as the dash oil company light come on, readjust your oil within 2 mainly or 500 miles.

Ford escape oil change steps

Re-install drainpipe plug.

To acquire room to work-related under the vehicle, progressive it utilizing ramps or a jack and also jack stands. I prefer ramps due to the fact that they conserve time, however either will certainly work.




There is a huge panel covering the bottom of the engine. This panel protects the engine native debris, to reduce engine noise, help aerodynamics and gas mileage.


It's held on through a 2 species of screws. An initial is a set of 2 x 7mm hex screws on every side near the wheels. Climate there space 7 x T-30 torx screws that connect the front and rear corners.

Remove every one of these screws and pull the dashboard forward to eliminate it.


Place an oil capture container under the oil drain plug located at the rear of the oil pan.

Remember, pictured is the 2.0L Ecoboost. The 1.6 deserve to be checked out in this Fiesta ST Article.

Loosen the oil drain plug making use of a 15mm hex socket because that the 2.0L and also 2.5L or a 13mm because that the 1.6. Oil will pour out once it's removed.

Using your oil filter wrench, eliminate the oil filter by turning it counter-clock wise, similar to most screws.

Some oil will drain down the sides together you eliminate it.

Clean the oil filter gasket surface on the engine, making sure there is no gasket or debris remaining.

Prepare the brand-new oil filter through pre-filling it with oil and also smearing a small amount of oil ~ above the gasket surface.

Pour the required oil into the engine. You might wish to stop 1 quart or so quick to make sure you don't over-fill. If so, keep re-checking the oil level and adding more oil together needed.

Check the oil level by pulling the emboldened stick, wiping it clean, and re-inserting it into the engine. The emboldened stick has actually high and low level marks, you want it between the 2 marks.

Keep in mind, if you have actually the auto on an incline, this reading might be contempt off, and also should it is in re-checked ~ above a level surface if possible.

Once the oil filter, drainpipe plug, and oil have actually all been installed properly, begin up the engine for a couple of seconds to gain the oil relocating under pressure.

Shut the engine off, and also check the filter, and also drain for any kind of leaks indicating girlfriend forgot come tighten something properly.

Press the on switch without pushing the brake pedal to rotate on the dash without starting the engine.

Wait for the dash information display to start up.

Press and also hold the brake and gas pedal for about 20 seconds. Again, make certain the auto isn't running.

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The info display will inform you the an oil reset is in progress. Store holding the pedals down.