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I just bought a 2005 Chevy 1500 Z71.On my means home I uncovered that the rotate signals and also emergency flashers aren"t working. Endure tells me its the flasher , but I can"t uncover it marked on any type of of mine PDC maps. Deserve to anyone help with this???Thanks,Daniel


Flasher is a 10 or 13 pen box, over the accelerator. The number with trailer option is 25746427 and runs around $85 perform at GM.
i changed mine in my 04 silverado 1500 that is behind the fuse block in the cab. Remove the knee guard deal below the steering wheel and youll c it. If friend cant see it rotate on your hazards and you have the right to hear it. The pretty big like 2" or for this reason long and also its (or at the very least mine) to be 10 prong and also had letters over each prong. Exactly how this helps

Can anybody tell me does my 2009 GMC Sierra have actually a Blinker/Hazard Flasher? If so, where is the located? I have looked everywhere and also cannot find it.
No i haven"t, yet what ns was act is putting LED Turn/brake lamp in, so i just finished up placing a inline resistor in, instead of changing the flasher. Yet I still would favor to understand if and where it is because that future reference!
I am additionally interested in the resistor friend used and how you attached it. Might you perhaps take pictures? ns just installed LED lights in my tailights on mine Silverado and am unsure of whereby to placed the resistors. It would certainly be really nice to be able to find the relay (if it exist in the more recent trucks) though. I"ll search for one tonight.

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I emailed my local dealership around this, and if reprogramming the computer is possible. Below is their reply:
Mr. Joslin. We can reprogram the BCM v an updated regimen for $247.00
.( :shock: ) This procedure will take about ½ day. Let me know when I deserve to schedule girlfriend in. ThANKS
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