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hey peeps, together you have the right to see im brand-new here, and this is my very first post however lets get to it, so ns looked over your site for quiet a while and still i do not know my prize :/ anyways i need to include a AUX cable to my ford focus 2007, original stereo and i cant figure out how to take the stereotype off, there is one AUX botton however i dont view the hole, is it on the earlier .? and how to you take turn off the stereo, i mean just a lil an introduction of what to take off first. Thanxx
Under the radio bezel there"s a little cubbyhole hole, traction the plastic insert the end of the small cubby and it opens up up to behind the bezel... When it"s out, with ur hand up and push the surround out towards you... It"ll at some point pop out and you unconnected the tobacco lighter and also viola!!! her surrounds out... To acquire ur radio out, I believe there are a couple of screws to take it out and it"s out also... As for the aux button, you require a connector native PAC-audio... Http://
OLD - 01 focus SE • k & n typhoon • ported TB • Mbrp personalized cat ago • Magnecor 8.5mm • FRPP dynamic springs and struts • CFM Underdrive pulleysNEW - 07 emphasis ST D23 • k&n Typhoon cai • practice MBRP catback • c-f-m 67mm TB • FRPP dynamic struts and also springs • enormous dogbone poly inserts • substantial balance obelisk delete • Kazera KZP 17x7.5 covering BFG g-force sport 215-40-zr17
so i should buy the 100$ just to include an wire for hear to my ipod .?
OLD - 01 focus SE • k&n typhoon • porting TB • Mbrp personalized cat back • Magnecor 8.5mm • FRPP dynamic springs and struts • CFM Underdrive pulleysNEW - 07 emphasis ST D23 • k&n Typhoon cai • tradition MBRP catback • c-f-m 67mm TB • FRPP dynamic struts and springs • enormous dogbone poly inserts • huge balance tower delete • Kazera KZP 17x7.5 wrapped BFG g-force sports 215-40-zr17
Or u might buy a Sony head unit native Walmart for like 100$ and also hook up ur iPod that way

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I don"t know if there is something cheaper yet I went through a much more expensive option from Brandmotion. That is a unit that permitted me to location my ipod the end of website in the glove box and also control it v the buttons ~ above the head unit. That was basic to install. The kit to be a small black box, wiring harness, ipod connector cable, and a holster for the ipod. I took out the head unit as korbyp claimed above, unplugged the auto wiring harness from the head unit, then plugged the new harness right into the auto harness, the earlier of the head unit and the black box, then an installed the box inside the dash, and routed the ipod cable come the glove box whereby I also an installed the holster. Ns forget exactly how much I paid for the kit but it was about $200. The head unit sees the ipod together satellite radio and permits me to use the duty buttons top top the head unit to make selections ~ above the ipod. This mechanism also allows the ipod battery come charge.Edit: ns looked in ~ Brandmotions site. The price has come down because I purchase mine 3.5 year ago. Link: