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Hey guys, Hope every is well in The CaliberNation.I noticed my inspect engine light came on today and I wasn"t pleased in ~ all. The gascap light would come top top then go away and even the examine engine light would come top top then walk off. Now it remained on before and after work. The automobile is simply in 28,000 km, this shouldnt it is in happening therefore early. I believe its a sensor yet why has it fouled up already, is this vehicle going to become a lemon ???Please share your thoughts ...

When to be the last time you put gas in? The an initial thing i would carry out is verify the the gas lid is sealing properly.You can additionally with the car off, if girlfriend cycle the an essential ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON the trip display screen will provide you a check out out of any kind of CEL codes present in the system. Then inspect the code versus the perform of codes we have actually in the "Electrical Problems and also Questions".
BradAfter 9+ years, 99% of all feasible questions have been 100% answered. They"re here, it simply takes part coaxing.
you could just unhook both battery terminals. If that removes the inspect engine light and also it stays off every is good.

I don"t view what the large deal is...? as soon as my examine Engine light come on, I simply open the hood... Yep, engine"s quiet there... LoL j/k I"m in a smartass the atmosphere tonight... LoL :jok:


you could just unhook both battery terminals. If that gets rid of the examine engine light and it stays off all is good.
ns tried that, doesn"t work. Mine light has been ~ above for practically a year now however found no distinction in power, auto still runs smoothly so i"ve just obtained used come it ha! ns will get it resolved some day

Unscrew the gas cap, carefully put it earlier on, make certain that the gas cap is tightened until it clicks. Then it may thake a few start/stop cycles because that the light to go out.

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It might indeed be a sensor, i m sorry is extended by warranty. I had actually a similar issue wherein the inspect engine line kept coming on, yet not every time ns drove, or it would certainly come on ~ 15 minutes of driving. I checked my cap a variety of times, never seemed to be the issue, lastly asked my dealer come look at it if it was in for service, and also sure enough it was an oxygen sensor that forced replacement.The thoughts i am having now are completely different than once I bought my car. When I purchase it, I had actually financed it for 5 years v the plan to store it longer than that. As time go on, mine mind is changing, seems there is continuous warranty job-related being done to mine car, and continuous work i m sorry is costing me money. Sure, while I have 85,000km ~ above the auto in the 2 1/2 year I have actually owned it, human being I have talked to who recognize cars have actually said parts that i have had replaced space items that must last the entire life the the car.Just newly I had actually $2,000 worth of work-related done on mine car, spanned by warranty, this was replacing mine suspension together it was squeaking terribly. On peak of that, I likewise had the door hinge in mine front passenger side door replaced, every under vouch thankfully. Even with every that has actually been covered, there has been a number of things not extended by guarantee that ns have had to salary out large time.In the end, the is only a sign of points to come at this point. It"s scary, i can"t bought those type of bills. If every one of this job-related that is extended by vouch is needed at this point, the really renders me wonder how much it will hurt as soon as my warranty is finished.Already conserving for a brand-new car for as soon as my Caliber is paid off, which says something.I prefer the caliber in itself, how it drives, etc., however not liking it at all when it involves maintenance.