What is strength Steering?

In the beforehand days the automobiles leading up to the early on 1950s, all cars had actually unpowered steering. This way that the relationship in between the steering wheel and also the front wheels was 100% mechanical, so you really had actually to placed your back into it! Nowadays, when you turn your steering wheel, your input is intensified by an electrical motor or hydraulic system, definition it takes far less effort to rotate a two-ton car. This is dubbed Power Steering.

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Power steering fluid is used to pressurize various parts of the strength steering system and transmit power from the steering wheel to the front wheels. End time, as power steering systems wear, small particles have the right to contaminate the steering fluid and also render the system much less effective. In addition, liquid levels simply deplete with constant use. Some newer models and hybrids have electric Power Steering (EPS), and also may not usage steering fluid. Consult your owner’s manual.

When must I change my power steering fluid?

If your steering wheel is create a screeching sound or you uncover it an overwhelming to turn, opportunities are you require to inspect your power steering fluid levels. Because that a more proactive approach and also to protect against a roadside delay, a good rule of ignorance is to inspect your strength steering liquid once a month.

How deserve to I check and include power steering fluid?

1. Operation Your Engine

To many accurately check the levels of your power steering fluid, idle your engine because that a couple of minutes and turn her wheels in one of two people direction several times. Then, revolve off her engine and pop the hood.

2. Find Your power Steering fluid Resevoir

Under the hood, power steering fluid is located in a small, typically clear reservoir located closer come the driver’s side. If you’re having challenge finding it, consult your owner’s manual.

3. Examine the Level that the Fluid

Power steering reservoirs room often marked with MIN and MAX levels. Ensure your liquid level falls in between them. If her reservoir is steel or non-transparent, you deserve to measure the liquid level making use of the dipstick.

4. Clean the Dipstick

Unscrew the cap and also wipe the dipstick clean. Totally reinsert the dipstick, and remove that again. If her reservoir to be non-transparent, you have the right to now check the fluid levels top top the dipstick itself.

5. Research the color of the power Steering Fluid

Wipe her dipstick clean again through a white file towel. Good power steering liquid should stain the file towel amber, clear, or irradiate pink. If you watch brown or black, the strength steering fluid may have been contaminated by corroded bits indigenous your power steering system. In this case, bring your vehicle to a funding Volkswagen mechanic therefore we totally diagnose and also repair the issue and also keep friend on the road.

6. Fill Your fluid to typical Levels

You have the right to purchase replacement strength steering fluid at many auto parts stores and even part gas station for around $5 a bottle. However, part cars require specialized fluids, so be certain to consult your owner’s manual before purchasing. Power steering fluid broadens as it heats up, so be certain not to fill past the MAX mite on your reservoir or dipstick.

7. Replace the Cap

Congratulations! With only a couple of minutes the easy, DIY work, you’ve ensured yourself a healthy power steering device for month to come.

For every one of your non-DIY affairs, be sure to reach out to her award-winning team of Volkswagen-certified technicians at funding Volkswagen.

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