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I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck v a 6 cylinder engine, auto transmission through approx 30K top top the truck. I want to view if I have the right to have my infection oil readjusted and visited a Toyota dealer. I was told that this truck does not require a trany oil adjust until 100K. Is this true... Should I take it it another dealer??Thanks for any kind of advice you have the right to provide.


I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Truck v a 6 cylinder engine, auto transmission through approx 30K top top the truck. I wanted to view if I have the right to have my transmission oil readjusted and went to a Toyota dealer. Ns was told the this truck does not require a trany oil readjust until 100K. Is this true... Must I take it it one more dealer??Thanks for any advice you deserve to provide.
I"m not sure? What does the owners hand-operated say about the tranny fluid?I"ve heard the people transforming it ~ 5K miles? but that was by accident.:dunno:


I"m quiet wondering about people choose me with a tranny that has no dip stick. The quote/unquote maint free transmission. Only a drain plug through no way to refill. It"s just difficult for me to believe that the fluid never requirements to be changed.
Mike9- Not only it"s true, however you require to host onto the dealer. He clearly could have sold you something girlfriend didn"t need. Review your svc overview in your glove box manual for proper svc intervals.Rodzilla- No different from a hands-on tranny (having no dipstick). It is no maint complimentary nor does the liquid never require changing. The is just a lengthy enough readjust interval that the mfr decided not to include a dipstick. Manual trannies run warm too. Only distinction is that torque converters increase the shearing the the liquid in auto trans, and the hyd valves and actuators require clean fluid to no self destruct or jam. If the fluid is up to the task, and also the tranny continues to be clean, it"s an excellent for the environment and wallet.

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+1And i might include that dropping the tranny pan will just garner approx. 1.8 qts. Of fluid. To get it every out, you"d have to remove the valve body and then the tranny itself to obtain to the talk converter and also drain that to gain a net 5.6 qts.
MikeN:When I had 1,500 miles on mine "07 V6 Auto Taco, I also took it come the dealer to have actually the transmission liquid changed. I was said the same as you around the transmission fluid being great for 100k miles (the owners hands-on says 100k too), however as i told the dealer, "the fluid may be an excellent for 100k, however that way all the initial break-in shaving space still floading about in the auto tranny because that 100k miles too and that is a an excellent way come shorted the life that the auto tranny. Together a result, castle dropped the transmission pan and also showed me (per my request) all the magnets inside the pan (they walk not also know how many magnits where in there because they had not done any type of work ~ above auto trannys under the brand-new Tacos). I have the right to tell you that each the the magnets (5 IIRC) had actually shavings grounding to the magnets, so ns feel a lot much better now discovering that the transmission liquid in there now will critical 100k mile without metal shaving put on on the transmissions interior parts.:clap: