The suddenly loss of strength steering in Chevy Cobalts and other GM compact cars tends to occur with enlarge cars. Here"s what to do if the GM recall involves your car.


After more than 1,100 complaints around the suddenly loss of power steering in its compact cars, basic Motors announced Tuesday the is preparing to remind 1.3 million vehicles.

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The recalled models encompass the 2005-10 Chevy Cobalt, the 2007-10 Pontiac G5, the 2005-06 Pontiac search (sold in Canada), and the Pontiac search (sold in Mexico). Click top top the chart at left.

While the agency prepares a remedy to change a motor in the power-steering system, what have to owners do?

If owners notification any difficulty with their strength steering, GM recommends the they take their cars to your dealer to have actually the steering system checked out.

The sudden loss the power-steering can take place at any time, follow to Chevrolet client assistance. "After our in-depth investigation, we found that this is a problem that bring away time to develop," stated Jamie Hresko, GM vice president of quality, in a release. "It often tends to occur in larger models out of warranty."

When the power steering go out, a chime will certainly sound and a "power steering" message will speed on the dashboard.

The automobile can still be command safely, GM says, although it will certainly be harder to command under 15 miles every hour.

But the loss of strength steering has, on a couple of occasions, led to accidents. The problem has caused 14 crashes and one injury, follow to GM.

Driver complaints filed to the national Highway web traffic Safety management (NHTSA) indicate a host of minor injuries because, on occasion, drivers uncovered it difficult to steer.

One 2005 Cobalt driver last year complained that the power steering would randomly shut off. The jolt was so severe that it led to a sprained wrist, the driver claimed.

Another 2005 Cobalt driver ran into a telphone pole while transforming into his driveway ~ the strength steering went out. "The wheel came to be extremely challenging to move," the driver wrote.

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A third 2005 Cobalt driver ran right into the median strip while transforming off a highway ~ the power steering went out. "I would favor to know exactly how many world have to it is in seriously injured before this worry is solved through a recall that the vehicles to exactly the problem," the driver complained to NHTSA.

For more information, Chevy Cobalt owner can call Chevy"s customer help at (800) 222-1020.