Replacing the powering steering liquid on your Acura is not as tough as your might think. Right here is how you perform it.

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This article applies to the Acura TL (2004-2008).

Ever make a tough left revolve that results in a whale screaming under your hood? If so, then you know just how a low fluid power steering pump sound like. A traditional hydraulic steering pump uses fluid to job-related the steering rack underneath your chassis. The whines occur when there room "dry spots" in the pump, which space often obtained from a leaking hose. Once you change the hose, you additionally have to do the washing up the reservoir, which is a procedure of removed the old fluid and also pouring in the new. These complying with instructions describe how come do simply that.


Step 1 – Raise and also secure the chassis

Just advanced the vehicle up and also secure come the proper jacking points. Usage the former jack suggest on car"s subframe and set two stands on either next of the car, under the reinforced pinch welds running the size of the underbody.

Figure 1. Raise and secure the car.

Step 2 – begin removing the old fluid

Grab the turkey baster and stick it right into the old power steering reservoir. Begin sucking up as much of the old fluid as you possibly can, and also injecting it right into either the drainpipe pan or one old bottle.

Figure 2. Remove the old fluid.

Step 3 – Disconnect the return hose

The return water tap connects right into a metal fitting in ~ the radiator and into the power steering reservoir. Select an end and disconnect the hose. Then attach extra tubing come the disconnected hose and also place it inside of the drain pan.

Figure 3. Disconnect the return line.

Step 4 – do the washing up the system

Start the auto up and twist the steering wheel side to side, getting to each that the locking positions. Proceed to perform this until the liquid stops draining native the hose. Then rotate the vehicle off, attach the return line and also refill the reservoir. Turn the car back on and also slide the fluid go into into the system; when the pump whines, shut the vehicle off and top the the reservoir.

Figure 4. Do the washing up the system.

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Figure 5. Pour in brand-new power steering fluid.

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