The auto lighter/12v strength outlet is not working. Just how do I change it? Where can I obtain a replacement? might you you re welcome let me recognize the procedure.

Hello, Here space diagrams to help you adjust the strength outlet. Girlfriend should additionally check fuse No. 9 (15 A) or No. 32 (7.5 A) fuse in the under-dash fuse/relay box. Here is a guide to aid with diagrams below. Https:// out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.




have the right to you call me where I can discover the fuse for the strength outlet simply under the radioBy the transition lever.
electrical problem2003 Honda Accord The former accessory power outlet in my 2003 Honda Accord does no work. I first checked the fuse for the accessory outlet and replaced the fuse. The outlet still does not occupational (and yes I have the vehicle in ON). Also, the outlet in the glove compartment does not work. Mine charger functioning in my various other car. So it is not the charger. Your help would be lot appreciated.
hello blueberry409,There is one fuse you require to check #32 7.5 amp int the fuse panel here is a overview to help you see how to check the fuse. is the power outlet wiring so you can see just how it is powered and also the fuse crate diagrams.Check the end the diagrams (Below)Please permit us recognize if you need anything else to get the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken
The former accessory power outlet in my 2003 Honda Accord V6 does no work. I inspect my owner manual and also couldn"t discover the strength outlet fuse. Various other power outles fuse in the CD compartment works but the exterior near gear transition don"t work-related at all.Please helpThanksRon
inspect all your fuses through a testlight or fuse tester. This will certainly ensure the you carry out not have a blown fuse for any circuit.If the fuse isn"t puffy (which commonly that is the case) then you will have to examine for power and ground to the outlet.
I freshly noticed the my dc power outlet for my automobile charger is no much longer working. I plugged the charger right into my husband"s truck and also it worked. Mine husband checked all of the fuses on the inside of the car and under the hood. He replaced the 7.5 and the 40 fuse and it still did no work. He bought me a navigation mechanism for Christmas and also I desire the strength outlet come work. You re welcome help!
hi rpruitt, You require to check for power supply come the strength outlet. If power is available, the socket is faulty.You need to remove the socket wire harness come check.
Hello, you re welcome I have 2005 Honda accord and also the two power outlets doesnt work, ns am not sure also sure that the fuse that goes there because any was not labelled because that the power outlet.Please kindly aid me top top what to do.Thank you.
hello PAOSIN, inspect the following fuses1. No 9 (20A) fuse at passenger next fusebox.2. No 8 (7.5A) at driver next fuse box.3. No 54 (40A) under bonnet.
Hey Everyone. My power outlet (cigarette lighter) doesn"t work in my pals ninety three accord. I assumed it can be a fuse. I contacted my regional Honda dealer and he said the fuse because that the lighter to be the same as the strength antenna motor under the dash. I checked it and it was no blown. Ns was just curious if anyone knew what the problem can be. I"m thinking it can be the heating aspect but I"m no sure. Many thanks for your time. Hope someone have the right to help.
correct it might be, check the fuse crate for cigarette lighter and see if that is blown, climate verify that there is strength going come the tobacco lighter housing, if so, climate its the lighter itself that is bad(element) and also you"ll just need to replace the
How have the right to the power outlet in my car be fixed? when I plug mine charger into it doesnt work. I tried instead of the fuse and still naught happens. What have the right to I do?
hi missnay1121, You require to inspect if the charger plug is compatible or good. Some plugs can not be getting the suitable contact to work.Test for strength supply to centre pin of power outlet, if no power, either the socket or fuse is bad. If socket, you should replace it.
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